May 17, 2022

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Explain how the PS5 Devs SSD and the new audio engine game-changers are moving forward

Explain how the PS5 Devs SSD and the new audio engine game-changers are moving forward

Developers around the world are interested in some of the bigger aspects of the PS5, but we’ll started to look at these aspects a little more.

There is a lot of noise in relation to this Of the PS5 The most important new feature: SSD. As we listen to the next-generation console for over a year on this new topic, Sony published a new post today, allowing developers to explain just how big a deal this development is.

Over PlayStation Blog, A new post was released today where Devs around the world discussed how some new features of the PS5 could improve games in the future. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Director Brian Horton explained that SSD in particular allows for insomnia to create worlds with more detail than ever before. “This is a fundamental change, we can’t wait to get more benefit in the years to come,” he said.

Demons Souls Developer Gavin Moore expressed a similar attitude, saying that they had completely changed their approach to SSD development. “We see it not only as storage but also as memory, we use SSD speed to load at blister speeds, bringing you directly into action to avenge your many deaths,” Moore said.

SSD is not the only one that Devs should appreciate. The console’s new Tempest 3D Audiotech sound engine is also a big talking point for developers, many of whom have praised this element of the PS5. Horizon Forbidden West Creative director Mathiez de Zonge said Tempest will allow players to “more easily identify the machines around them” in the studio’s upcoming title. Resident Evil Village June Takeuchi also seems to be in love with this new audio device and says that “3D Audiotech seems to be made specifically for horror games”.

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All in all, everything that is being expressed here feels awesome, but we are getting to the point where we need to see all of this a little more. Sony and various developers have been explaining the power of the PS5 to us for months at this point, but when it comes to actual gameplay demos, there is still much more left. With the release coming so soon, it is time for us to start seeing this power in action.

As of this writing the PS5 does not yet have a release date or price point, and at this rate, we can never do that. Let’s hope Sony has a lot more to say on these two key details in the coming days or weeks.