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Morning Report: Daniel Carmire responds to Joan Jones vacating title to go heavyweight

Morning Report: Daniel Carmire responds to Joan Jones vacating title to go heavyweight

In martial arts, opponents often define career, sometimes even more than championships, and in the MMA, there is no greater animosity than Jon Jones And Daniel Carmire. Over the years, the intensity between the two boiled over at various points, and mutual, respectful reluctance ensued when the worker eventually returned to the heavyweight and left the lightweight division. However, it was not long before Carmire lost his retirement fight Stip Myosic A few weeks ago, Jones vacated his 205-pound title and announced his intention to go heavyweight, and many saw the announcement as an attempt by Jones to steal some of Shine’s shine. Carmier, he is taking time for following UFC 252, Did not respond to Jones’ move, but, after returning to his regular co-host duties DC & Helvani Show on ESPN, the former two-division champion has finally resolved the situation.

“Look at the man, I’ve gone beyond this whole Jones thing,” Carmier said. “At this point, it’s also ridiculous to give me any idea. When my story is over and I know I have to achieve all of these things, I’m not sure if he will get it. Whatever it is. Feels like he wants nothing more than to give himself a hard time when he doesn’t have the ability.This is sad.

“At the end of the day, I do not know how this guy’s story will end and if his story does not end very sadly he will have some real changes. So I’m going to make my life as big as possible and not give my energy to that thing anymore.”

Carmier and Jones have a one-story history, one of the main reasons why Jones fell for light heavyweight in the first place. The two battled twice for the light heavyweight title, with Jones winning the first bout unanimously, knocking DC out of their rematch. That fight was eventually manipulated when Jones tested positive for the banned substance, and a third fight never took place as Labor returned to the heavyweight division and began a trio of fights with Stip Myosic‌. And that trio, Carmire says, is the competition he considers his career-defining, not Jon Jones.

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“My greatest rival is Stip Myosic: a fireman, a man who loves his husband and his family,” Carmier said. “Joan Jones is not, in fact, a real educator of what he did and should not do in his life. My opponent protects firefighters and society and loves his family and does things the right way. I give my energy when people ask about my greatest opponent.”

It now appears that Carmier’s two great rivals may be on the path to confrontation. Although Miocic says he will face those whom the UFC deems fit, in this case a rematch Francis Ngannow, He also said that he was not interested in that fight and wanted a new challenge. Conveniently, Jones’ move to heavyweight provides exactly that and yesterday, Jones lobbied hard for the next in that fight. So all the signs were that Jones was seriously considering the movement of the heavyweight and speculated as to why the worker ever decided to go up the great light heavyweight eventually.

“It simply came to our notice then. It gets harder as you get older, ”Carmier said. “Those guys keep getting better and better, and they’re a lot bigger now, they ‘have been around a long time, Dominic Athletic, it’s tough. Maybe he didn’t want any part of it? Because he said at the beginning that he would fight. John Blachovich. . . Maybe it could be Dominic Reese Or it was nobody and he said, ‘Well, this is nobody. I will go heavyweight. ‘”

Despite the long-standing reluctance between Carmier and Jones, DC has always held the Bones’ skills in high esteem and now believes the former light heavyweight champion will excel in his move to heavyweight, even against guys like Myosic.

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“Everything I’ve said before is personal,” Carmier said. “Professionally when it comes to him, if you have that skill, the skill that Jon Jones has, it doesn’t matter what weight class he is, he can compete. It’s true. You love him, you can hate him, but it’s real.

“He competes with anyone. So I don’t know if he’s going to be heavyweight, as dangerous as trying to make people appear. I fought with those guys because he could fight those guys. They’re big, they’re strong, they’re dangerous, but he can fight those guys. ”

Carmier officially retired from the MMA on Monday. He is a former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion and the second simultaneous champion in corporate history. Also the first champion to successfully defend titles in both weight classes. His career record is at 22-3, 1 not competing.

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Beets, they are natural candy, you know?

Man, did not think about MVP for a while.

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