September 27, 2023

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Neon Drops Uncut Trailer for Brandon Kronenberg’s Body-Transplant Thriller – Expired

Neon Drops Uncut Trailer for Brandon Kronenberg's Body-Transplant Thriller - Expired

Brandon in Kronenberg Owner, The hitman movie gets a trippy out-body twist.

The uncut trailer for Kronenberg’s latest title sees Andrea Riceboro as Tasya Voss, the top performer of the secret murder agency. Unlike other organizations that rely solely on the strength of its recruiting and combat understanding, Tasya’s home companies perform missions quite exceptionally.

Riceborough Tasya, hooked up to a sophisticated helmet, is not killing herself, instead she has the minds of others to bid on.

“Our next deal is big. The biggest operation CEO in the US,” Jennifer Jason Lee’s agency boss Girder told Tasya. “You stick with Colin Tate. We can not bear any mistakes on this. “

Colin Tate (Christopher Abbott) damages the mission when Tasya captures the body, both minds fighting for complete control. In the uncut trailer, the characters Abbott and Rice Barrow are confronted and threaten each other’s family to show who has the power.

“Sometimes, that little thought is necessary to lose control,” Abbott and Riceborough said at once.

Disabling Owner Cast Sean Bean, Tuppens Middleton, Gage Graham-Arbutnot and Rosif Sutherland. Produced by New Fitchman, Fraser Ash, Kevin Crist and Andy Starkey.

Owner Coming to theaters on October 9th.

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