July 3, 2022

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Rolex 2020 releases new model information

Swiss Luxury Watch Maker Rolex Introducing all of its new models for 2020, its highly iconic watches welcome performance improvements while wearing other classics with refreshing new colors and straps.

The highlight of the ads is the skepticism of the new series Submarines Is provided. The first up comes with a large no-date sub, 41mm in size and a slightly wider oyster bracelet. Although its design specifications do not depart much from its predecessors, the watch is powered by the newest caliber 3230, which now has 70 hours of power storage and utilizes Rolex ‘proprietary Kronergy Escape‌, which improves both technology efficiency and reliability. In fact, the watch still has an accuracy of -2 / + 2 seconds per day along with its exaggerated chronometer verification.

In addition to the no-date version, the Submarineer Family Date models also get seven new variants, the most important of which are the new ceramic-bezel oyster steel “Kermit” as well as the white-gold sub with blue ceramic bezel. The other five are another oyster steel repeat with black bezel and dial, two two-tone oyster steel and yellow gold models in black or blue, and two hints in yellow gold, black or blue. All of these now come in 41mm sizes and replace the previous generation submarineer dates, which come with caliber 3245, which has 70 hours of power storage and Chronergy Escape.

For those who prefer the sky over the oceans, Rolex has also released its aviation-minded updated versions Sky-Dweller. The collection is the same as before with 18K gold and Everos gold options, the watches now come with a sportier oysterflex bracelet with glide lock, allowing you to adjust the size easily and in motion. It has the same internal caliber 9001 as the previous one, with blue parachrome hairspring and a 72-hour power reserve.

Finally, after upgrading some of its Sportier models, Rolex turned to its dresser offerings, re-ining them with refreshing new colors. Classic Oyster is permanent The 36 family candy is now available in several vibrant tones including pink, yellow, green, coral red and turquoise. The Swiss watchmaker is also introducing a larger 41mm model for the family, with all new colors except the candy pink, as well as the traditional black and champagne-dial versions.

Take a closer look at all the new releases in the gallery above or head towards Rolex Website To learn more.

Elsewhere on the clocks, Paneroi has released two new limited editions for the fall.

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