July 7, 2022

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Do you get the coronavirus vaccine? – In the election

Do you get the coronavirus vaccine?  - In the election

Poll: COVID-19 vaccine

Canadians have to wrap their sleeves around and eventually get a large number of vaccines to cope with COVID-19.

“Extensive vaccination is the best shot for Canadians in regaining some of what we have lost and returning to the things we cherish – such as holding family and friends close, social events and living our lives free from disease,” said Dr. Theresa Tom, the country’s chief medical officer.

Tom and her deputy, Dr. Howard Nzu, made the assessment a day after the Trudeau government announced the latest installment of its plans to make deals with two American companies and buy tens of millions of potential vaccines in advance.

The new deals allow Canada to buy 76 million doses of the vaccine candidate from the Maryland-based biotech company Novavox and 38 million doses of the vaccine being developed by Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical company Johnson Inc.

Last month, the government signed similar deals with US companies Pfizer and Moderna, giving Canada access to up to 76 million doses.

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