June 5, 2023

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Nancy Pelosi was filmed without a mask at the hair salon

Nancy Pelosi was filmed without a mask at the hair salon

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Security camera footage from Islon shows Nancy Pelosini unmasked

U.S. Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful electorate swearing at President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask, is pictured faceless at a San Francisco barber shop.

Footage obtained by Fox News showed the House of Representatives premises on Monday, violating the city’s coronavirus-prevention rules.

San Francisco’s pandemic directives do not allow hairdressers to open indoors.

Thousands of California businesses were permanently shut down amid virus controls.

Ms. Pelosi – always openly masked – often advises Republicans to “listen to the knowledge” about the epidemic.

But Fox News footage She showed off her walk with a face mask around her neck rather than over her mouth by Islon.

A stylist wearing a mask was shown following her.

A California Democrat spokeswoman said she did not realize she was violating her own city rules on virus prevention.

“The business offered to come for the speaker on Monday and told her the city had permission to have one customer at a time in the business,” spokesman Drew Hamil said in a statement.

“The Speaker complied with the terms submitted to her by this establishment.”

Ms Pelosi cited U.S. Centers for Disease Control guidelines in the past, recommending that Americans wear face masks in public, especially when physical distance activities are difficult.

Following Monday’s appointment, the House speaker appeared on MSNBC with the Golden Gate Bridge.

She told the Network last week that Mr Trump had “hit science in the face” by allowing mainly masked-less invite audience on the White House lawn to watch his speech at the Republican convention.

The owner of the salon, Erica Kies, told Fox News that she rents chairs to a stylist, who told her that Mrs. Pelosi’s assistant had called and told her owner to come wash and dry.

Ms Kies told the Cable Network: “It’s a slap in the face that she went in. You know, she thinks she can go and finish her work when no one can go in, and I can not work.”

More than 5,000 businesses in the San Francisco Bay area alone have been closed since March, more than 2,000 of them permanently, during the epidemic, According to a recent study of Yelp data.

Under the new rules announced by the mayor, open haircuts have been allowed in California since Tuesday, but indoor salons have been closed.

Senate Republicans have suggested the House speaker is a hypocrite.

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Media headline‘They want to throw away God’s wonderful breathing system’

They tweeted: “Speaker Pelosi has put forward policies that will shut down our economy and shut down our small businesses.

“But for her? A visit to a salon whenever she likes.”

The House speaker has previously said that Republicans can help create the conditions for a safe reopening if they “listen to scientists.”

Ms Pelosi has repeatedly criticized Trump’s decision to wear more face masks, calling him a “coward” and saying “real men wear masks”.

The coronavirus epidemic has infected more than six million people in the United States, but 185,000 deaths have been reported.

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