May 19, 2022

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Germany tells China to stop making threats against Taiwan and Hong Kong

Germany tells China to stop making threats against Taiwan and Hong Kong
  • Germany has told China to stop threatening Europe, which is a sign of a tougher policy towards Beijing.
  • German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss has warned his Chinese rival that “threats have no place here” after Beijing threatened a Czech politician who visited Taiwan this week.
  • Beijing wants to reclaim Taiwan, a self-governing country that split in the mid-20th century.
  • Moss said China should expect Germany and its European allies to represent their “interests more confidently.”
  • He used his meeting with Chinese diplomat Wang Yi to put pressure on Beijing on Hong Kong and use its treatment on Uyghur Muslims.
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Germany stopped threatening Europe after Beijing said a Czech politician who visited Taiwan this week would pay a “heavy price” for declaring support for a self-governing island facing Chinese repression.

Czech Senate President Milos Wistril has provoked China by being one of the few senior EU politicians to visit Taiwan. In 1963 John F. In reference to Kennedy’s anti-communist “Ich bin Ain Berliner” speech, he told its MPs that “I am a Taiwanese”. The Times of London reported.

President Xi Jinping wants to reunite with Taiwan, the autonomous country in Southeast Asia and the remnant of non-communist China. Beijing said it was ready to forcibly retake the island if necessary.

During a visit to Taiwan this week, Wistril said: “I believe it is the duty and responsibility of every democrat to defend the principles of democracy and to support all those who build democracy in the most difficult of circumstances.

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“I want you to be independent, real and have a future. It is in your hands.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Foreign Minister Heiko Moss stood up for Wistril on Tuesday, saying her Chinese rival Wang Yi had “no place here for threats” and that Europeans were “shoulder to shoulder” together.

“We treat our international partners with respect and as a reward they expect us to do exactly the same,” he said.

Speaking after his meeting with Wang, Mass said Europe would not back down and would not “allow it to become a political football in a great power struggle between the US, Russia and China”.

“At the moment I’m trying to make it clear to everyone I speak to … that Europe must tie itself together to make its interests more confident,” he said in a statement quoted in the Times of London.

In a sign of Germany’s tough stance on China, he used his meeting with Mass Wang to urge Beijing to repeal the brutal national law recently imposed on Hong Kong and allow UN officials to examine the treatment of Uyghur people detained in China. .

Wang is touring European capitals ahead of a meeting between Xi and EU leaders later this month.