May 28, 2022

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Girl Interruption: Mulan and other women-led films try to reach audiences during COVID-19

Girl Interruption: Mulan and other women-led films try to reach audiences during COVID-19

Melissa Silverstein was bored.

The founder of the Women and Hollywood website is looking forward to having fun Mulan On the big screen. The main release for the 1998 Disney cartoon’s live-action remake studio, a big-budget action film starring Nicki Caro and starring Asian stars.

Disney expects big things Mulan, Splash splashing on the red carpet in Los Angeles in March. Then the coronavirus pandemic set, and plans Mulan Went into suspended animation‌.

Now, after canceling the theatrical debut planned for July and August, Mulan Here it is, but Disney + subscribers can pay $ 34.99 for “premium access” to watch the movie as many times as they like. Or they may have to wait until December 4th, this movie is free for all subscribers.

For Silverstein, have Mulan A chance to skip theaters and go straight to streaming. “I have mixed feelings, because I’m really excited to see it on the big screen, and it’s an epic movie.”

At the same time, Silverstein, who was able to see a preview of the film online, was thrilled with what she saw at home. “I loved it so much, I was able to connect with it. It’s a really great story.”

There is no talking dragon, but a new epic vision

New, based on a script by four authors Mulan Avoid the musical numbers and the talking dragon of the ’98 version. Now a symbolic phoenix Mulan, a young woman played by Yifi Liu of China, is caught between the traditional perspectives of society and her natural talent as a warrior.

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Visually the film shares the same growing quality of other myths like Ang Lee in China Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But the story is still with the young audience Mulan The emperor disguises himself as a man to join the army.

Speaking to CBC News, Woman said she liked the legendary quality of Hollywood founder Melissa Silverstein Mulan, but would refuse the big screen experience to frustrated fans. (CBC News)

Silverstein was not surprised by her tone; What excites her Mulan Indicates.

“We girls have never had a chance to see a movie like this. It did [put] Colored girl in front and in the middle. There is no white man in that movie. “However, it’s very universal,” she said.

But Silverstein is equally excited about what Mulan Meaning for industry.

In the new film, Yifi Liu portrays a young woman trapped between her family’s traditional values ​​and a desire to protect them from the forces of aggression. (Walt Disney Studios)

Unprecedented budget

Budget reported with more than $ 200 million US, Mulan Unprecedented, this is the largest film ever directed by a woman.

Caro, the New Zealand director who broke up with the film Whale rider, Joins a group of small but growing women, including Catherine Bigelow, Birds of a feather flockKathy Ann and Wonder WomanPatty Jenkins – All of them directed tent-pole films, which gave movie studios considerable revenue.

Silverstein hints at an upcoming Marvel movie The Eternals, Directed by Cholo Zhao – who came from the world of independent filmmakers and is now guarding the next stage of Marvel super-hero films.

“What we see coming out of the Disney store, the Marvel store, is giving women a chance,” she said. “Women need to be able to work at that level.”

COVID-19 Box Office Accident

But with the epidemic turning theatrical movie business upside down, Silverstein said. Mulan declined Likely to grow at the box office. “I want to see and see No. 1, at the end of the year!”

With Tenet, Directed by Christopher Nolan, begins slowly in select theaters in the United States Mulan Available only to Disney subscribers, the industry is in the midst of a great experiment on how to release movies during an epidemic.

Before appearing on the COVID-19 scene, 2020 was still the biggest year for women directors The Eternals, Black widow, Directed by Kate Shortland, and Wonder Woman 1984 Release schedule all summer and fall.

Now The Eternals Set for February 2021, waiting to see how the industry will fare Tenet And Mulan Demonstrate. The results can be determined Wonder Woman 1984 Comes to the screen in October.

Wonder Woman is a promotional film from 1984. The release date for the sequel, directed by Patty Jenkins, has been moved from August 14 to October 2. (Warner Bros.)

While Mulan Denying box office success, Silverstein said what he saw challenged the Hollywood hero’s vision.

“What we want to see are the stories of women in our lives [as] Heroes – as seen on screen – are just as important as male heroes. That is something we have been denied. “

Silverstein said it would still open in theaters in China MulanThe message resonates with girls everywhere.

“It’s a common thing that society does not fulfill what it has set for girls. However, separating oneself and making oneself true liberates all of them.”

In one scene from the film, Mulan distances himself from his fellow soldiers to practice. (Walt Disney Studios)