March 22, 2023

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Justin Bieber stars in DJ Khalid and Drake’s popstar video

Justin Bieber stars in DJ Khalid and Drake's popstar video

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Bieber fever again.

DJ Khalid Has dropped his new music video “Pop Star” Has Drake‌ and has already garnered over 14 million views within the first 24 hours of its release.

Music video directed by X (aka) Julian Christian Lutz), Drake has the show His acting skills At a funny opening, he receives several video messages from DJ Khalid begging him to appear in a music video for “Popstar”.

Now, that’s enough for Drakes. Continuing the scene, he complained that Khalid was “his rocker off”, constantly harassing him for help.

Lip-syncs to Justin Bieber Drake’s lyrics, playing the role of a popstar (very fitting) in a huge building – probably the next day at a huge party. And he’s living a lot of life.

He got enormous pictures of himself on the walls.

He got a luxurious coat.

Or. At the end of the video, it turns out that ~ maybe ~ everything is a dream.

Other celebrities also appear in the music video, including Justin manager Scooter Bron.

Despite all the brutal events in the video, people love to see Justin Bieber in general.

For some, it will give 2020 some joy.

Bieber fever again.

Fans between Justin vs. Justin also showed similarities.

Like long hair – shining us for 2010.

He received a call from Justin Drake at the end of the “Popstar” video, just as he received a call from Usher at the beginning of his 2009 “One Time” music video.

And when BTW got that call on Justin Bieber on “Popstar”, it featured his song “Baby” as a ringtone.

With all the praise, Justin basically stole the show. The music video is not his – but at the same time, it’s great.

Justin Bieber is not the most commented celebrity on the platform today for being in a music video that doesn’t even have his jsjsjs

There is a lot of healthy positivity overall.

I personally enjoyed Drake, DJ Khalid and Justin continuing to have fun from the music video on social media. On Instagram, Drake posted a clip from the video: “Thanks JB… I You You One.”

Justin Post a clip In response on his own Instagram with the headline “Anytime”. DJ Khaled also commented on the Drake post: “Thanks you Drake and JB I love you all a fuck !!!!!!!!!!!”

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