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Discovery ‘Season 3 deals with the tragedy and consequences of jumping into the future –

Discovery 'Season 3 deals with the tragedy and consequences of jumping into the future -

In addition Jason Isaacs and Mary Chifo both talked about returning to Star Trek, Saturday Dragon Con Go Virtual Star Trek: Discovery On the panel was Anthony Rap, who discussed a bit about the third season of the series.

Season 3 Family Dynamics

When the subject of the third season of Discovery As a fan of the show, Jason Isaacs said he looks forward to seeing the characters “explore their relationships and family” as the show jumps into the future. Careful not to expose any spoilers, Anthony Rap Season Three talks about how the family explores this theme:

Season three does in-depth research on family dynamics. The Akshara family is not the only one — apparently we have researched Burnham and Spoke and their siblings’ relationship in great depth — but it is a family of people who have given up everything to go to the future. And don’t take it lightly. So often the genre shows that these crazy things happen and it’s like you wash your hands and you move forward. They went and said, “Oh, you were washed away by lightning and had super powers. Okay, great. ”But our showrunners really took it seriously as an opportunity to explore the human part. Yes, it is full of fun, fun ideas that are fun to think about, but it also allows you to examine resilience and rief kham and compatibility and courage and how you pursue all of those things.

Later on in the panel, Rap said he was happy to see how the second season dealt with the resurrection of Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz), who created bumps on the road for their relationship and that they should “get the road back”. He talks about where to find Culber and Stemate in the third season:

I would not say there are bulbs of the same type. I think what we experienced now in the first two seasons has earned us the right to feel more settled between them. As I mentioned earlier, Season Three deals very deeply with the family concept and certainly Stamets’ relationship with Culber‌ is a family dynamic that will be greatly explored in the third season.

Anthony Rap as Stamets and Wilson Cruz as Culber Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Episode “If Memory Serve”

Michelle Paradise How to Keep It Human Discovery Season 3

In answer to the question Discovery The show retains the human element in dealing with life in the 32nd century, which Rap attests to and attributes to one of the showrunners:

In the middle of season two, Michelle Paradise came on as a new showrunner and brought with her a wonderful sense of the authenticity of her emotional truth. She emphasizes that everything that happens between the characters makes sense mentally and emotionally. So I can only say without going into any specifics, it is strictly adhered to from moment one to the last last moment of season three. That is very important. All the things that happen, they have consequences. They have meaning. There is nothing useless about anything.

Of season three Discovery It will be the first season to be developed, written and produced with the same showrunners. Co-creator and showrunner Brian Fuller left the show while writing the first season. He was replaced by Aaron Harberts and Gretchenberg, who were eliminated midway through the second season, replacing Paradise with co-creator Alex Kurtzman.

Image LR: Executive Producer / Shoranner Michelle Paradise, Doug Jones, Sonequa Martin-Green, Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rap, David Azala, and Wilson Cruz of CBS All Access Series Star Trek: Discovery on Saturday, October 5, New York Comic-Con.

“Wow!” To Jonathan Freaks rapper How did you help with that? Scene from Season 3

When asked about his memorable scene in the entire series, Rap said it was the third season, and he thanked TNG for one of the episodes directed by leading actor and director Jonathan Freaks:

Well, there is a scene in the third season. I can not say what it is. I am so grateful to Jonathan Freaks for being one of our recurring directors and part of our family. He is an incredible human being and a great director. He really understands all aspects of the job. And I have a very serious scene to do in the third season. When I read the script, and saw that scene, I said ‘Wow!’ And then when I heard that Jonathan was directing the episode, I was relieved. Because I know that he will be in the best hands possible and will not let it work for a moment and that it is safe and that he will ensure that it is pure and true and all things.

Preview image of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 with Anthony Rap as Stemet; Michelle Yeh as Giorgio; Mary Wiseman as Tilly; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

More discovery news is coming on Star Trek Day

On Tuesday, September 8, CBS is preparing plans a A series of streaming panels to celebrate Star Trek Day. There will be one of them Star Trek: Discovery And along with David Azala, feature star Sonequa Martin-Green has joined the show as a new character this season. The panel includes co-showrunners and executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise.

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