May 24, 2022

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BMW M3 exciting car with Ferrari V8 and manual gearbox

BMW M3 exciting car with Ferrari V8 and manual gearbox

Although there are some special project cars that gain a 15-minute reputation, the reality is rarely seen in the post-automotive scene. Every once in a while we see breakout performances like Rob Dam’s all-wheel-drive four-rotor Mazda RX-7. However, a new competitor like Ciro de Siena has emerged Asked to drive BMW M3 Equipped with Ferrari engine and manual gearbox.

Before we start the war in the comments section, we know that this is not the industry-first example of throwing a Ferrari engine into another car. Keane readers cite Formula Drift star Ryan Tuerk GT4586 project car There he mounted the engine on his Toyota GT86 chassis from 458. Regardless, the BMW mentioned above bears a more grassroots source story.

The V8 of the M3 went bang, and the owner faced a very difficult decision. Instead of giving money to the German automaker for the re-establishment motor he decided to make a statement and a Ferrari Conversion. Along with the engine, they closed the convertible roof, fitted a body kit from Japan and took some paint from Porsche. In addition to prancing horsepower under the hood, the vehicle comes with a manual gearbox.

Among the many changes required to bring the Italian powerplant into Bimmer, redesigning the exhaust manifold to fit around the factory steering column was one of the big jobs. The owners gave the engine a cross-plane crank rather than the original flat-plane. Purists may have a tiff on noise change, but we bet it will add drama to an already exciting automobile.

As far as we know, this is the only M3 with a Ferrari engine under the hood, but we’d love to see what’s out there.

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