April 2, 2023

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Amazon will hire 2,500 people for 2 new fulfillment centers in southern Ontario

Amazon will hire 2,500 people for 2 new fulfillment centers in southern Ontario

Amazon is opening two new fulfillment centers east and west of Toronto, which will employ 2,500 people.

Seattle-based e-commerce company Wednesday announced that it will open a fulfillment center in Ajax, Camel, 50 kilometers east of Toronto, next year. At the same time, it opens another center in Hamilton, Camel, about 70 kilometers southwest of Canada’s largest city.

Both will open in 2021.

“We have had great success with the talented workforce in Ontario and look forward to creating an additional 2,500 full-time jobs with competitive pay and benefits from day one,” said Sumegha Kumar, Director of Customer Success Operations at Amazon Canada. Release.

Execution centers where company orders are processed for local communities, before being sent to customers in the area. The Hamilton site has an estimated 1,500 employees and Ajax has an estimated 1,000 full-time workers.

The new centers mean the company has only 10 in Ontario and 16 across Canada.

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In addition to fulfillment centers, the company is also adding three new delivery stations in and around Toronto, which will process so-called “last mile” deliveries. The new stations will be at Stony Creek near Hamilton and Scarborough and Vaughan, east and north of Toronto.

The new jobs came amid criticism of the company over certain labor practices, including health and safety issues between COVID-19. Amazon Executive Three workers who blew the whistle about the outbreak recently resigned in protest of the shooting. And some Amazon workers working at existing Canadian distribution centers Shared similar concerns with the CBC in a recent story.

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In the release, the company boasted that it had an “industry-leading office” and trumpeted that jobs would give competitive hourly wages and that comprehensive benefits, group RRSP planning and stock-based compensation would be there from the outset.

The move to increase the Canadian workforce is part of a larger hiring spree at the company. The U.S. parent said Wednesday it plans to hire 33,000 technology and office staff across the U.S. in the coming months. The epidemic has employed 175,000 people in its distribution centers since its inception, to keep up with the growing demand for online deliveries.

The company’s workforce recently topped the one million worldwide, making it the second largest privately owned company in the world after Amazon Walmart.