March 28, 2023

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Norwegian legislator Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian legislator Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Copenhagen – US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the Middle East, a Norwegian legislator said on Wednesday.

Norwegian parliamentarian Christian Tybring-ZZde said Trump’s efforts for a peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel to open for peace in the Middle East should be considered. . “

Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed last month to a historic agreement normalizing relations and will sign at the White House event on September 15.

“No matter how Trump behaves at home and what he says at press conferences, he has a definite chance of winning the Nobel Peace Prize,” Tibering-JZD told the Associated Press.

He said he nominated Trump on Wednesday for the 2021 Prize, saying “Donald Trump meets the standards.”

Nominations must be submitted to the Norwegian Nobel Committee by February 1, which means the deadline for nominating people for this year’s Peace Prize has passed.

Tibering-Zede was one of two Norwegian lawmakers who nominated Trump for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to bring about reconciliation between North and South Korea. Any member of the Legislature serving in the National Legislature can nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Former US President Barack Obama received the award in 2009, just a few months after his first term, and many felt the move was premature. The Norwegian committee said it respected Obama’s commitment to “wanting peace and security in a world without nuclear weapons.”

Last year, Trump was expected to win the Nobel Prize, “if they give it too simply, they won’t.”

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The Norwegian Nobel Committee does not comment publicly on nominees. Under its terms, the information is required to be kept confidential for 50 years.

“Now we hope that the Nobel Committee will consider what Trump has achieved internationally and that it will not err on the side of bias against the American president,” Tybring-JZ said in a Facebook post.

However, he said he did not agree with all of Trump’s policies.

“I’m not a big Trump supporter,” he said.

Unlike other Nobel Prizes available in neighboring Sweden, the process of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize takes place in Norway.