May 24, 2022

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The Yankees win and the Blue Jays are likely to lose rowdy tellez for the rest of the season

The Yankees win and the Blue Jays are likely to lose rowdy tellez for the rest of the season

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“It’s not fair to ask him to do too much because he lost so much time, but if anyone can do it it’s Bo Bichet,” Montoyo said. “Every time you see him on the lineup he’s ready to go. We can not wait to see him on the lineup. He’s definitely a big help.”

The injury to Tellez came as a result of a fluke and some reconstructions that Jace could not do to Sahlen Field.

With a bullpen in foul territory, Tellez hit a soft spot near the Yankees pen while trying to run a foul ball down and was immediately severely inconvenienced.


Jace starter Tanner Roark lasted just four innings, but then it looked like he might have scored 40. And he was angry at getting what he thought was definitely the starting hook.

As the Yankees prepared to face the order for the third time, after conceding two hits and three walks for a pair of runs, the off-season acquisition broke on the short strap on the Jace Starters.

“I think this is horse crap,” Rork said in his post-zoom call. “Because computers say otherwise. I hate it. I’m old school. They signed me here without going for three or four innings and throwing some amount of pitches. ”

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Rork said he believes starters should be given the opportunity to work deeper into the games and get themselves out of trouble.

“When the real grit came out, you came in that seventh inning, the sixth inning, the third time,” Rork said. “It shows who you are as a pitcher when you can get out of it and show your masculinity a little bit.”

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