May 20, 2022

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Today’s coronavirus news: Quebec to issue fines for not wearing masks; Huge parties in Kingston provoked concern; Popeye’s new viral sandwich is available in Canada on Monday amid pandemic concerns

Today's coronavirus news: Quebec to issue fines for not wearing masks;  Huge parties in Kingston provoked concern;  Popeye's new viral sandwich is available in Canada on Monday amid pandemic concerns
Key facts

  • 9 p.m. Quebecs fined for violating regulations requiring face shields in indoor public places

  • 8:16 am Transat AT Inc. Reported a loss in its latest quarter as partial re-embargo on flights and tours began

  • 4:05 am: Massive crowds and parties in Kingston are facing criticism from local residents

Fresh Corona virus Thursday news in Canada and around the world. This file will be updated throughout the day. Web links to longer stories if available.

9:03 am The coronavirus pandemic has been Soccer’s toughest rival in Europe this season, leading England and Spain to a wave of national leagues this weekend.

After the 2019-20 domestic season, which spans more than a year in some countries, more than eight months are free for 38 game leagues. In late May, UEFA will take on the fixture calendar for the club competition finals and the late 2020 European Championship.

Most leagues in Europe have ruled out doubts about getting out of a three-month shutdown in the spring and finishing their seasons safely – despite the empty stadiums that boosted the soccer economy.

Now they have to do it again while working more closely with government officials to bring fans back to the games.

“They understand it’s not over yet,” said Jaco Swart, managing director of the 29-nation European League Network. “They have to work hard and fight for it every day.”

9 a.m. (updated) Quebecs violating regulations requiring face shields in indoor public spaces will start with a fine on Saturday.

Premier Franకోois Legalt said most Cubans have been following the COVID-19 public health guidelines for the past six months.

However, at a news conference in Quebec City today, Legalt said some were not following the rules and endangering the province’s elderly population and its health network.

Legalt said police will start fining those who do not follow the rules on public transport and in indoor public places where masks are mandatory.

The Premier said the tightening of regulations would be called yellow zones – now four areas outside Montreal have recently seen an increase in COVID cases.

Quebec on Tuesday introduced a four-level, color-coded COVID-19 alarm system – green for vigilance, yellow for early warning, orange for moderate warning and red for maximum warning.

8:58 am Torontonians give up masks when socializing with people outside their social bubbles COVID-19, Alerted city and health officials to help drive the virus resurgence.

Dr. Vinita Dubey, associate medical officer with the Toronto Public Health (TPH), said that in addition to dinner parties, bars and other indoor meetings, the rise in infections seems to be tied to Torontonians coming home from other parts of Canada.

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Dubey made the remarks in response to questions asked by the star after Toronto Mayor John Tory Appealed to residents on Tuesday To prevent “crowd scenes” including parties and bars to prevent a return to the lockdown.

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8:16 am Transat AT Inc. Reported a loss as partial re-launch of flights and tour operations began in its latest quarter.

The travel company said it had a week of activity in the quarter ending July 31 as it was flying back to July 23 after closing on April 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transat flies to 11 European destinations in France, the United Kingdom and Portugal, as well as Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It also runs a domestic program connecting Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

The company reported a net loss of $ 45.1 million or $ 20.20 per share for the quarter, compared to a loss of $ 1.5 million or four cents per share for the previous year, totaling $ 9.5 million and $ 698.9 million.

On an adjusted basis, Transat reported a loss of 70 to 3.70 per share for the quarter, compared to an adjusted gain of 16 cents per share in the same quarter last year.

Transat entered into an agreement with Air Canada last year, but the deal is still awaiting regulatory approval.

7:40 p.m. The parent company of British Airways said on Thursday that it would reduce flights due to coronavirus travel restrictions and quarantine requirements and confirmed that it was raising $ 3.2 billion (US) through the sale of new shares.

The International Airlines Group, which owns the Spanish national carrier Iberia, said the money would be used to deal with the financial shock of the coronavirus epidemic. Qatar Airways, which owns 25 per cent IAG, has taken up its stake in Cash Call.

The IAG said short-distance bookings had dropped slightly after the UK and other European governments implemented new detention requirements for travelers returning from specific countries, including Spain.

As a result, it said some flights had to be canceled. Overall, between October and December it is projected to have a 60 per cent lower capacity compared to the same period last year, compared to the previous 46 per cent reduction. Budget airline EasyJet also said it was cutting flights this week.

Over the past few weeks, especially British tourists have faced travel chaos after the government removed countries from the safe list. Travel advice to the two most visited countries, Spain and France, was changed with very little notice, with many travelers being asked to return to the UK faster to avoid the mandatory detention period. Earlier this week, seven Greek destinations were removed from the safe list. Further changes are expected later Thursday.

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6:50 a.m .: London trial of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange deported from Britain to the US Suspended Thursday Because one of the lawyers may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

District Judge Vanessa Baritzer ordered the trial to be adjourned until Monday, when a lawyer representing the U.S. government was tested for the virus.

6:20 am: The chief executive of AstraZeneca PLC said it would determine the timetable for the progress of a COVID-19 vaccine in the trial subject. However, he said the data set from the trials could be submitted to regulators for approval by the end of this year.

6:13 a.m .: In the year that the coronavirus epidemic rebuilt countless American customs, 9-11 The memory also does not change.

The 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks will be marked by a dual ceremony in a corner near the September 11 Memorial Plaza and the World Trade Center, reflecting the division over the monumental decision to discontinue the prestigious tradition of relatives reading the names of victims in person. Among those two memorabilia in New York are Vice President Mike Pence, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden who are scheduled to attend the cut-off event at Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania.

6 a.m .: Popeyes’ Chicken sandwich It will go on sale across Canada on Monday after the trial begins in Edmonton and southern Ontario earlier this year.

The sandwich has been selling fast since its release in the US last year.

Rob Manuel, general manager of Popeys Canada, said franchisees would add physical distance stickers inside and outside restaurants to better live customers in line with pandemic-related public health measures.

5:51 am: The Australian government has put pressure on a state government to ease border controls A woman was denied permission to attend her father’s funeral on Thursday and said the dying father was only allowed to visit one of his four children.

Sarah Giuseppe, 26, was denied permission to attend her father’s funeral because she had to spend 14 days in a hotel blockade in the Queensland state capital, Brisbane, if she had brought COVID-19 from her home in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

Mark Keynes, 39, is dying of cancer at a Brisbane hospital and Queensland health officials say his family will have to choose between him and his sister, one of his four children living across the border in New South Wales. Said Tamara Longborn.

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4:16 a.m .: A second fire has broken out in Greece’s wildly crowded Moria refugee camp Destroyed almost everything that escaped the original fire, The Greek Ministry of Immigration, says thousands of people are in urgent need of housing.

This morning, former residents of the largest camp in the country, who were in the coronavirus lockdown, returned to the area to pick up the burnt remains of their belongings, rescuing what they could.

Many slept in an open space next to the road.

4:05 am: Massive crowds and parties in the University of Eastern Ontario town There have been criticisms from local residents and official calls for greater cooperation to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Police and city officials in Kingston, Ontario said a popular pier and beach had to be closed due to congestion and several tickets had to be issued as thousands of students flooded back into the city earlier this month. Local residents said they have taken to the streets in recent days to break up the parties.

4 a.m .: Parents from schools that do not have limited or remote learning options keep their children at home If the British Columbian government does not take action the spots will disappear in special programs.

Students return to school on Thursdays, but some do not return because of general fears that their own or family members’ health or shrinking to COVID-19.4.

4 a.m .: The latest certified COVID-19 cases in Canada will take place on September 10, 2020 at 4:00 am EDT:

134,293 cases were confirmed in Canada.

_ Quebec: 64,056 confirmed (56,400 fixed, including 5,771 deaths)

_ Ontario: 43,685 confirmed (39,332 resolved, including 2,813 deaths)

_ Alberta: 15,191 confirmed (13,358 resolved, including 248 deaths)

_ British Columbia: 6,691 confirmed (5,086 resolved, including 213 deaths)

_ Saskatchewan: 1,670 confirmed (1,587 fixed, including 24 deaths)

_ Manitoba: 1,365 confirmed (945 fixed, including 16 deaths)

_ Nova Scotia: 1,086 confirmed (1,018 fixed, including 65 deaths)

_ Newfoundland and Labrador: 269 confirmed (265 resolved, including 3 deaths)

_ New Brunswick: 192 verified (186 fixed, including 2 deaths)

_ Prince Edward Island: 55 Verified (including 44 Fixed)

_ Yukon: 15 Verified (including 15 resolved)

_Deported Canadians: 13 Certified (Including 13)

_ Northwest Territories: 5 Verified (Including 5 Fixed)

_ Nunavut: No confirmed cases

_ Total: 134,293 (134,293 confirmed, 118,254 resolved, including 0 ump attendance, 9,155 deaths)

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