May 20, 2022

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Columbia Signs NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace to a Multiyear Deal


A new member to the Columbia’s ambassador team is Bubba Wallace. The sportswear and outdoor apparel brand announced their new addition to the ambassador team on August 12th. A NASCAR Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace signed a multiyear contract with Columbia. The brand will sponsor Bubba Wallace and will be a primary sponsor of the No. 43 Richard Petty Motorsports Chevrolet. Bubba Wallace said that Columbia Sportswear was a perfect fit for his lifestyle off the track. He loves spending time outdoors, whether it is hiking, golfing, boating, or photography.

These activities help him relax after busy racing days. Columbia is planning to use the new deal with Bubba Wallace and the team to advertise the brand’s exclusive technologies and new products. Columbia’s famous PFG collection designed and created for finishing will be advertised by Bubba Wallace as part of the deal. Columbia brand president Joe Boyle said that the brand and NASCAR have always been related in some ways.

Columbia is looking forward to working with Bubba Wallace and Richard Petty Motorsports to deliver to the fans of the sport and the brand. Wallace is the only Black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series. He publically called on NASCAR to ban the confederate flag from the NASCAR events, which NASCAR eventually did.

Nascar was the most popular sport during the lockdown

NASCAR managed to keep the competitions going even during the pandemic. There were no fans allowed to attend the competition. Neither were the drivers allowed to practice.

Qualifying only took place for the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. But the competition was still fierce. It was even harder for drivers because they could not practice. With so many athletic events canceled or postponed, NASCAR was one of the most popular sporting events during the lockdown.

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Car races were always very popular with gamers. They were one of the first video games made available on personal computers and consoles and were quickly embraced by the wider public. After the suspension of Nascar, fans were worried about it. When people are locked in houses and left without favorite sporting events, they need something to focus on.

Traditional casino platforms used this opportunity and started adapting car racing games onto the iGaming platforms. Digital casinos have become very popular in the last few years. During the lockdown, more people paid attention to digital gaming and got the feeling that they are playing better games than on consoles like PS and Xbox. The practice of adopting a type of entertainment for iGaming already exists and NASCAR, which is such a popular sport, would make a perfect addition to the adaptations.

NASCAR has worked together with video game developers many times and there are multiple NASCAR certified games. The games are available on consoles such as GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC, and the PlayStation. The online gaming industry would benefit a great deal from collaboration and so did NASCAR. In the past few years digital casinos have featured popular comics characters, movie heroes or sporting championships like football so they created the trend of best internet casino games.

Adapting Nascar into the iGaming space would take the industry into another level. Nascar has millions of fans around the world and pandemic has shown that those fans are very loyal. If the Nascar authorities decide to exclusively partner up with iGaming brands, then it would be one of the biggest decisions of the decade. 

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NASCAR’s Spencer Davis tests positive for virus

Spencer Davis, one of the NASCAR drivers, tested positive for COVID-19 and dropped out of the August 8th Truck Series race at Michigan International Speedway. The driver announced about testing positive a day before the race on Thursday and his team missed Friday night’s race.

Davis said that he supports the protocols of CDC and NASCAR and plans on following the instructions to return to the track as quickly and safely as possible. After the Truck Series, Spencer Davis was number 18th. The best finish he had this season was number 12 in February at Las Vegas.

Including Davis, NASCAR’s two full-time drivers in the three leading divisions tested positive. Jimmie Johnson, who won NASCAR Cup Series seven times, had to miss one race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway after testing positive for COVID-19 in July.