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Hastr0 gives his take on how to spell doom from riot shooter valve to one

hastr0 claims that Valorant is

It’s not every day that you see an sports company owner go on camera to talk about how the success of one game kills another. Therefore, the whole CS: GO vs. Valentine discussion is very interesting.

Team jealous owner, Mike ‘Hastra0’ Ruffile, CS: dives deeper into why he thinks Geo is dying at the hands of Valorant.

Now, by all honesty, Valent is totally set up as the top sport, but going against the game here for what looks like a decade, and then causing its destruction, is a very bold argument indeed.

CS: GO gave some of the best moments in the history of sports and was able to create superstars like Nitra 0, Hiko and Scuddle who went to Wallorant for a long time. So in the minds of many fps fans, CS: GO Dying is a very popular idea.

So why does hastr0 think that Valent is killing CS: GO?

Hastr0 feels like spelling Valentine Doom for CS: GO

When it comes to competitive integrity, the Valentine Devs put a unique aspect of the game as their first priority.

Hacking issues, cheating, match-fixing and providing 128-tick servers top their list and rioters take these things very seriously. The anti-cheat Vanguard is sophisticated and tough.

For many of these reasons, most CS: GO players (both Pros and Average) have switched to base VoLorant.

In a discussion with Hector ‘H3CZRodriguez, hastr0 comments on the issue of players leaving the Valve’s shooter: “Times are changing” and “If the rioters do what they do for the League of Legends for Valent, there’s no reason it should not be huge” I think, so I reflected my faith in LeapFrog for Valentine. ”

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In many ways, the haste on this issue has shed a lot of light on the whole Valent-CS: GO debate. The riots actually worked incredibly well with the League of Legends because the competitive integrity of the game was very intact, but the CS: GO was embroiled in scandals.

Published 15 September 2020 11:04 AM ET

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