November 30, 2023

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Alexei Navalny: Opposition leader posts hospital photo after aide says he plans to return to Russia

Alexei Navalny: Opposition leader posts hospital photo after aide says he plans to return to Russia

Navalny was photographed with her family in this photo, which was posted on her Instagram account on Tuesday. Dissent is recovering in Germany, but his press secretary said he hopes to return to Russia in the end.

In his first direct message after being admitted to hospital, the anti-corruption activist said he was now breathing on his own without medical help.

“Hi, this is a novel,” he wrote in the caption. “I miss you. I can not do anything yet, but yesterday I was able to breathe on my own all day. Me. I did not use outside help, I did not even use the simple valve in my throat.”

The German government says Navalny was poisoned by a chemical nerve agent belonging to the Soviet-era Novichok group, raising questions about Russia’s involvement in the incident.

However, his Kremlin secretary-general, Kira Yarmish, told CNN in a text message on Monday that he hoped the Kremlin critic would return to his homeland after his recovery.

“No other option was ever considered,” Yarmish said.

Navalny first fell ill on August 20 on a flight from the Siberian city of Tomsk to Moscow. He was hospitalized in the city of Omsk after an emergency landing.

Two days later he was rushed to a charite hospital in Berlin on a medical evacuation and remained in Germany for weeks while being discharged from mechanical ventilation.

On Monday, the hospital was able to leave Navalny out of his bed for a short time.

International inconvenience remains

The attack on a Kremlin critic has been strongly condemned internationally.

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After tests, the German government found that he had taken poison with the Novichok neurological agent, which was supported by two other laboratories in France and Sweden.

Novichok was used in the March 2018 attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in the English city of Salisbury and has previously been poisoned by several Russian dissidents.

Berlin called on Moscow to explain how Navalny was poisoned, but the Kremlin defied criticism.

Opposition volunteers associated with Navalny were attacked with an unknown liquid in Siberia

Allegations of Kremlin involvement in the attack were called “baseless” and “inappropriate” by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a call with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday.

“[The two sides] The situation surrounding the ‘Navalny case’ was discussed extensively, the Kremlin account of the call states on Monday.

“Vladimir Putin stressed the inappropriate nature of the unsubstantiated allegations on the Russian side in this case.”

The French Redeemer of the call, Macron, urged Putin to “shine all light, without delay, on the circumstances and responsibilities of this assassination attempt.”

& quot;  Hi, this is Navalny, & quot;  The opposition leader wrote in a caption to a picture he posted on Instagram.  In the photo, Navalny is shown with his daughter Daria, son Zahar and wife Yulia.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that any Russian citizen was free to leave and return to Russia, and that everyone would be happy if Navnaly’s health improved.

“If a citizen of the Russian Federation improves his health, everyone will be happy about it. We are talking about the human life saved by Omsk doctors and if some negative consequences are eliminated by Berlin doctors, everyone will be happy.”

Speaking at a conference call on Tuesday, Peskov said he did not understand why Russia had not yet been given the same access, and had hired French and Swedish experts to test Navalny’s medical samples.

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A Kremlin spokesman said there was no reason for Navalny and Putin to meet when the opposition leader returned to Russia.

“We do not see the need for such a meeting. Therefore, I believe such a meeting will not take place,” Peskov said.

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