December 9, 2023

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An hour-long “Pandomic Special” from South Park

An hour-long "Pandomic Special" from South Park

For decades, South Park Served as a judge of modern society, exposing many of the flaws and shortcomings of humanity in the pursuit of “jokes” and “cheating his parents to eat after Scott Tenorman turned chili”. Unfortunately, as the world faced the deadly coronavirus epidemic and America had to accept its racist past, racist present and racist law enforcement agencies at least as beggars. South Park Nowhere to be found — if you do not have the HBO Max, you can watch it whenever you want (for the most part).

Now, Comedy Central has finally announced that South Park Not only coming back, but going to solve the proverb of the elephant in the room with a full hour-A long specialization about COVID-19. Oh, is this a sharp “giant douche / turd sandwich” going for a walk in the middle ground and arguing that people who refuse to wear masks are just as bad as people who talk too much about being told to wear masks? Maybe (maybe), but the teaser released by Comedy Central at least revolves around the idea of ​​a “pandemic special”. Here is the official summary:

As Sound Park continues to pose ongoing challenges to its citizens, Ravi is committed to his role in the spread of COVID-19. The children happily go back to school, but it does not resemble the normal they once knew; Not their teachers, not their home room, not even Eric Cartman.

The episode — which only appears once and does not begin the full season — will be shown on TV & Comedy Central’s app and website on September 30, but HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch it 24 hours after the premiere. .

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