September 26, 2023

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‘South Park’ to address Kovid-19 in upcoming special

'South Park' to address Kovid-19 in upcoming special

South Park Comes back with a special episode that focuses on the Kovid-19 pandemic. Aired by Comedy Central on September 30, it is the first hour-episode in the series’ 23-year history.

The episode is also named after Randy Marsh, the father of the new teaser for the special, Randy Marsh, announced the “Pandomic Special”, to articulate the benefits of big weed sales from the crisis.

Meanwhile, children are bracing themselves for school. Eric Kartman and Kyle Broflowski had a serious exchange about returning to class and expressing concern about social distance. Despite Kartman’s protests about a school equivalent to “slavery”, classes actually resume. Things are different, however, as every student and desk has a protective shield and their classroom is now led by a police detective, who doubles as their teacher.

The episode, which deals with “2020 Issues”, will also be available on HBO Max 24 hours after Comedy Central premiere. Entertainment Weekly Notes.

The Chinese government in the 23rd season, which ended in December Almost all content has been scrubbed Related South Park After the show released its “Band in China” episode from its internet, it severely criticized the country. The premiere date of season 24 has not yet been announced.

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