February 23, 2024

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Freeland, Vance and several federal officials blocked official dealings with the former ambassador

Freeland, Vance and several federal officials blocked official dealings with the former ambassador

The former ambassador and liberal adviser broke the conflict after Canada’s Ethics Commissioner found nine senior officials – including two Liberal cabinet ministers and defense chiefs – not to conduct official affairs with Planter executive David McNaughton. Law.

McNaughton, who was elected president of Palantir Technologies Canada, spoke or arranged several meetings with various government office-bearers a year ago on behalf of Palantir with the intention of providing pro bono assistance, said Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion.

The controversial company builds data mining technology for its clients and is used by intelligence agencies, banks and some of the world’s largest companies.

Although these offers did not give Plantier any contracts, the former U.S. ambassador agreed that “these communications and conferences are contradictory as far as enhancing Plantier’s interests are concerned.” [the act], “Dion wrote in his research.

The law prohibits former government office holders from “behaving in a manner that would allow them to make proper use of their previous government office”.

If the commissioner finds that a former reporting public office holder has violated that provision, he may order that no formal transactions be made with current government office holders.

Nine officers:

  • Christiana Freeland, current Deputy Prime Minister (and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs during McNaughton’s communication with government officials)
  • General Jonathan Vance, Chief of Defense Staff
  • Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industries
  • Rick Thes, Director of Policy and Cabinet Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister
  • Ryan Dunn, staff to Bynes
  • Chief of Staff to Leslie Church, Minister of Public Services and Procurement
  • Jodi Thomas, Deputy Minister of Defense, Ministry of National Defense
  • Bill Mathews, Deputy Minister, Public Services and Procurement
  • Simon Kennedy, Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
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Freeland and McNaughton, who worked closely to negotiate an updated trade agreement with the US and Mexico in 2017–2018, held three general talks on the novel coronavirus in March, during which McNaughton talked about what Plantier was doing to help other governments. Bono basis, Dion said.

During the same month, McNaughton also spoke twice with Vance and provided Palantir assistance if needed.

“There is no conversation on my part about the work of Pro Bono,” Vance told CBC News. He recently announced his retirement, but remained Canada’s top soldier until his place was named.

“It has been provided, identified and no action has been taken on it.”

According to the ethics report, McNaughton’s March contacts with Baines were involved in arranging a meeting between the Plantier staff and the Public Service and Procurement Canada.

It was first reported that McNaughton had interacted with government officials The Logic Back in April‌. The outlet reported that the longtime Liberal told a business audience during a teleconference that Plantier was in talks with the federal government and several provinces.

Dion announced in June that he was investigating McNaughton after NDP MP Charlie Angus asked the commissioner’s office to closely monitor the former ambassador’s conversations with government officials.

“While working for the dark and controversial intelligence giant, we saw here that senior Trudeau Liberal was nailed for violating a conflict of interest laws,” Angus said in a statement Wednesday.

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“Trudeau’s former U.S. ambassador is well known, but Mr McNaughton did not think the rules applied to him because he used his former status to pitch his new bosses. Did anyone on Trudeau’s team read the law?”

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