November 30, 2023

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‘Big Hair and Narrow Mind’: Controversial ‘Karen’ Sells Halloween Mask

'Big Hair and Narrow Mind': Controversial 'Karen' Sells Halloween Mask

TORONTO – Some may refuse to wear masks during the Kovid-19 epidemic called “Currens”, but that does not stop other people from wearing “Karen” masks on their faces, thanks to the popular and controversial new disguise Halloween time.

With her infamous short, layered haircut that inspired bloodshot eyes, angry expression and a million memes, she became a bestseller for homemade “Karen” mask artist Jason Adcock.

“2020 is the year of Karen! Frighten all your friends with your big hair and narrow mind, ”Adcock wrote. An Instagram post In August.

The name “Karen” has become a unique umbrella term, referring to whites who use their right to complain about minor things, such as when they ask for special treatment and “refuse to wear face masks” when asked to “talk to the manager”. During the epidemic.

In 2020, the term exploded after several racially charged incidents in the US in which whites used their power against blacks. For example, Amy Cooper case, A white woman who unnecessarily called police on a black man in New York City in May, after being asked to put her dog on a leash.

Adcock said Good Morning America He created the mask after seeing several recent events in the news with “Karen” behavior.

“I’ve seen ‘Currens’ in the jungle all my life, and I thought it’s a fun thing to make for Halloween, and I never thought it’s really going away,” he told the show on Tuesday.

“’Karen’ transcends all genders and sizes. She is like a modern day tyrant. The bad guy could be Karen. ‘”

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The Los Angeles-based artist may not have thought that he would “take off” his design, but it did.

Adcock has already sold 70 times his homemade rubber latex “Karen” masks for US $ 180 each. ETC page.

He created one The second version of the “Karen” mask Called “KAREN-19”, it represents an imaginary outcome for an ill-fated and “Carens” who refuses to wear a mask during an epidemic.

In a Update on Facebook On Wednesday, the artist announced that his “Karen” masks had been sold and that he would let me know “if things change”.

While the mask was successful with those looking for timely pop-culture costumes this year, there were others who committed the crime as well.

Adcock’s social media pages have been flooded with comments accusing consumers of designing a “racist” mask on white women.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

He hopes this is a perspective that Adcoc Shares and others will realize even when they see his design.

“Take what it is: a funny Halloween mask. I’m not here to ruin anyone’s day. I’m trying to make people laugh,” he said.

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