November 30, 2023

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Looks at the first COVID-19 case in Niagara Elementary School

Niagara Falls Primary School became the first school to use the term COVID-19 case.

In a news release Thursday night, the Niagara District Catholic School Board said a man at Mary Ward Catholic School tested positive for the novel coronavirus infection.

The release did not say whether the man, who is now alone, was a student or staff. However, it says students and staff have been infected with the virus.

“Niagara Region Public Health is in the process of contacting all students and staff who have a direct relationship with this person this evening,” the release said.

“Anyone who has made contact with this person is advised to stay home tomorrow and follow the Niagara Region Public Health Advice.”

The school principal sent a letter home to inform the parents of the students of the situation.

This is the second educational facility to report a positive COVID-19 case this week.

On Wednesday, Brock University reported off-campus student tested positive for the virus. The university said the student was not yet on campus. Since the test is positive, the student is left alone.

The Mary Ward case was the first in a Niagara school after classes resumed after the pandemic shutdown.

Earlier in the epidemic, a secondary school reported a positive case.

In March, a 30-year-old man who worked at St. Francis Catholic Secondary School tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the area’s first non-travel related transmission case, and the first in a local school.

Staff members’ characteristics were demonstrated on March 12, the day before the regional government suspended classes. Schools did not reopen until after Labor Day.

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