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One of the worst things about the Xbox Series S is that it already has a simple solution – BGR

One of the worst things about the Xbox Series S is that it already has a simple solution - BGR
  • Compared to the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S has several hardware compromises that allow Microsoft to lower the price.
  • The $ 299 console has the same SSD technology as the Xbox Series X, but only comes with half the storage space – 512GB versus 1TB.
  • Microsoft already has a solution to prevent the drive from filling up too fast, but it is up to the game developers to implement it.

Now that we have all the facts about the next-gen consoles that have hit stores this holiday season, it is very easy to decide which console to buy and when to make it. Performance 399 PS5 Digital Edition has plenty of assets, because it is a full-fledged PS5 in terms of performance. 9 299 Xbox Series S Even an unbelievable proposition. It has the same fast next-gen processor as the Series X. And the same kind of super-fast SSD storage. It does not support the same high-end games due to two key downgrades, GPU and RAM. Gamers who are not already obedient to the platform can choose between these two devices, especially in the year when new entertainment hardware is not preferred.

The PS5 Digital Edition has better specs compared to the Xbox Series S. It’s not just high-end performance; It also offers faster storage and larger SSD capacity. Not to mention the exclusive collection targeting Sony consoles in the coming months. The Series S has its strengths as an Xbox All Access installments program that comes with game pass and cloud gaming access. GamePass, purchased as a standalone subscription, offers players over 100 games and supports xCloud streaming.

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And Series S comes with support for standard SSD storage that runs as fast as the internal SSD. Microsoft has found another quick fix to one of the worst things about the Series S.

Series S and Series X share the same SSD storage technology for internal and external drives, meaning SSDs run faster. But the Series S premium model gets half the space. The 512GB SSD fills up quickly, especially since modern games often require 50GB or more of storage space. This is the price you pay for wanting games that offer better graphics and bigger worlds.

The Series S drive is less capable than the PS5, which gets a much faster 825GB SSD regardless of version. Microsoft’s solution comes into effect. Jason Ronald, Xbox Director, Program Management Explained to IGN Those game install sizes are about 30% smaller in Series S than in Series X.

Series S games can use lower resolution format packages compared to the Series X versions of those games, as the console 4K Visuals can deliver graphics up to 1440p resolution if developers push it with the Series X. There is a twist, however, that it is the developers who are implementing this particular technology.

“With a performance target of 1440p at 60 fps, developers will not be transporting their highest-level MipMaps to the Xbox Series S, which will reduce the size of the games,” Ronald said. “Finally the controls in the hands of the developer. We have had this technology for some time, which allows developers to choose wisely which assets to install on which device they are playing. So the flexibility to make sure you have the right assets is in the hands of the developers. ”

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Storage expansion on all consoles is inevitable if you want to install dozens of games. But these storage enhancements can help you delay purchases One of those expensive Seagate expansion drives. Microsoft announced the addition a few months ago, confirming last week that the Series S1TB will also support external drives. However, these storage modules can be just as expensive as the Xbox Series S.

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