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Woman refuses to wear mask at LUSH, Movies Controversy – Kelowana News

Woman refuses to wear mask at LUSH, Movies Controversy - Kelowana News

The Lake Country woman claimed she was the victim of “comedy threats” after being asked to quit Kilowana’s Lush Cosmetics on Thursday for refusing to wear a mask.

In a video that is not publicly available on her Facebook page, Susan Roth Drazdoff Fachner with a security guard and three female employees after refusing her service and being told to leave LUSH for refusing to wear face covering – this is company policy.

In the video, she described the employees’ behavior as “comic intimidation”.

“I have the right to say no to the mask,” Fechner told Costanet. “I went inside for an anniversary gift for my husband. I picked an item I was going to buy. I turned around, I’m ready to go, security is asking for my medical information.”

In the video, a security guard asks Fechner for a medical note, saying she cannot wear a mask due to her medical condition. When Fechner refuses, the security guard explains that it is store policy to wear face shields while customers are inside. When Fechner argued that the store was “public property to walk on”, the security guard said it was private property.

“I know the law, I know my constitutional human rights,” she told the security guard.

“I felt like I was under, I don’t like to feel dramatic, but it was like a very serious physical and mental injury,” Fechner told Costanet. “It’s not that they’re going to hit me, but it’s going to put a lot of pressure on me. When they come to me it’s like a holy cow, I’m attacked and I’m alone.

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“It’s like communism, ‘If you don’t get out we’ll call the police.’ That’s a threat. “

Fechner said she left peacefully not to escalate the situation further after the video ended.

Loose Kelowana manager Spence Dagney said the incident was one of the first time a customer had been upset about the mask policy.

“[The staff members] The rest of the day was pretty shaky, but we had a really small, tightly knit group here and it was great to see them all so confident again today, ”Dagnia said.

All LUSH stores in North America mandated face masks on July 18, 2020.

“Shoppers who want to enter the store can be offered one who does not have their own face mask, or can choose contactless ordering by staying outside the store while staff help,” the Lush website states. “In addition to our ongoing commitment to the safety of our customers, staff and the community as a whole, this change comes in the wake of new guidelines from disease control centers.”

Other retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Real Canadian Superstore, are also required to wear masks in their stores.

But, echoes feelings from a Vocal minority in society, The mask rules violate her human rights, Fechner said.

“The freedom to choose masks,” she says. “Wear, or do not. Know your information, know what you are saying. You should not wear a mask because some company is telling you to do it.”

Fechner said she went to another store in the shopping center after the incident and was served without a mask. She says she will no longer shop at Lush Stores.

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“I call myself a Christ Crusader, a people of faith. They don’t just lie because they have a Creator, because they have to answer at some point,” she said. “I’m not completely lying. I think something happened to humans, where our humanity was lost.”

Fechner identified the virus as COVID-19, but did not believe the number of cases and deaths published by the government. To this day, 223 British Columbians Died from COVID-19.

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