December 6, 2023

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4 things to look for as an Emmys first live major awards show during COVID-19

4 things to look for as an Emmys first live major awards show during COVID-19

There is no red carpet, live coverage during the epidemic and more than 130 cameras spread around the world.

The 72nd Emmy Awards will air Sunday night, and it is impossible to say exactly how the show will unfold because almost every aspect of the event is unprecedented.

As the first major Hollywood awards have reached the virtual stage of avoiding pre-taped sections, here’s what to look for.

Adapted format

VMAs, Junos, Tony Awards and many others have canceled their events or switched to digital, pre-taped sections. Emmys, which has sent over 130 camera-kits to nominees worldwide in 10 countries and 20 cities – including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin – will be the first real major awards show.

All are filmed and broadcast in real time with remote participants, which is great for Emmys and the industry. The technical challenges involved involved essays a second time about how well the managers also work.

Ian Stewart, one of the executive producers, told reporters earlier this week, “It just doesn’t work all the time.” And we have to embrace it. “

That setup means there will be no distinctive red carpet for Emmys this year – dress ups are optional, and some are even getting Emmy pajamas suitable for the event.

When the winners are revealed, they capture a broadcast comparable to the glorious Zoom Call. In addition to the potential for technical glitches, that setup can lead to events that are not possible at the traditional awards show.

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“If someone’s child suddenly takes control of a mic, all of a sudden, they’re the star of the show, we’m going to do that,” said Reginald Hudlin, the show’s other executive producer. A nominee also revealed the possibility of including their dog and the producers were open minded.

Kimmel will be hosting for the third time

Jimmy Kimmel, from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, will lead the festivities, saying, “Choose celebrities to infect me.” This is Kimmel’s third time hosting Emmys and a change from last year when the show was not hosted.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel hosts the Emmy Awards for the third time in his career. The incident came to light again after three months old clips of a black-faced comedian reappearing. (Randy Holmes / ABC via Associated Press)

The Kimmel turn as host also follows some controversy – the midnight talk-show veteran comes back to light after his old clips Appearance in Black Face Appeared back in June.

He was pre-planned at the time, but released a statement saying he was reluctant to address the issue for a long time, saying, “I know that doing so equates apologies with weakness and gives impetus to leaders who use it.

Who is leading the competition

Cable and streaming networks are battling this out as Netflix, Apple and Disney + are bringing top performers into the ever-diverse field.

Limited range of HBO Watchmen Leading the nominations for a total of 26 nominations, including lead actress approval for Star Regina King, directed by – One night in Miami – Recently opened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Left, Regina King, who received the lead actress nomination, is shown on the right with director Steph Green on the Watchmen set. The acclaimed HBO limited series is up to 26mm. (HBO)

However, HBO is still surpassed by the awards-circuit Juggernaut, Netflix. While HBO set a record with a record 137 nominations last year, Netflix has surpassed all expectations this year with 160. Its performances Ozark And Crown Achieved 18 and 13 nodes respectively in the Outstanding Drama Series category.

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More than half of the nominees in that category are from streaming services – the other major ones on Netflix Stranger Things, Hulu The Handmaids Tale And Disney + Mandolorian All are competing with AMCs Good call to Saul, BBC Eve Killing And HBOs Inheritance.

Shits Creek

Canadian comedy Shits Creek One of the main competitors in the show and has already achieved a success. The 15-nominated fan-favorite series received an Emmy for Outstanding Casting for its comedy series on Thursday, garnering artistic and technical success at the Television Awards.

The show is also set for Best Comedy Series, which was nominated for last year. Thursday’s victory was the first Emmy for the show, which ended its six-season run on CBC in April. This fall is likely to come into Netflix last season.

Series stars Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy are all set for acting awards, and it will be a story to see if they can lead their successes to wider successes.

Where to look

The Emmy Awards will go live Sunday night at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

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