November 30, 2023

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Sony has announced install sizes for some PS5 games

Sony has announced install sizes for some PS5 games

Sony Has begun to reveal the download sizes of some of the games that will be released on the hot-ated back PS5 Console.

If you’re this kind of person, that’s big news for you.

Anyway, insomnia Spider-Man: Miles Morals At least required 50 GB Place to download with the Ultimate Launch Edition of the same game, according to the PlayStation website – it comes with Remaster Spider-Man For the PS4 – more than double at 105GB.

Demons Souls It was going to take up at least 66GB of space and they did not announce how much was needed for the titles Destruction Allstars Or Sockboy: A Big Adventure.

If you run out of space to store games, you do not need to worry, because the PS5 825GB solid state drive is full of memory, so – casually – I’m just talking about 13 percent of the total game total memory.

Credit: PA

Obviously, you can also purchase additional outdoor space, but it will cost you a considerable amount to get one that is compatible with the PS5.

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In March, Digital Foundry Author Richard Leadbetter explains: “Expandable storage is possible and you do not need proprietary drives from Sony to get the extra space you need.

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“However, in the short term, the advice is simple: if you want to use it on a PS5, do not buy an NVMe drive without Sony certification. Keep in mind that extreme bandwidth PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives are very expensive – in the short term, at least.

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“This is cutting-edge technology. However, the outlook needs to improve significantly as the next generation develops – and prices will drop significantly over time.”

So you go there, wait a bit and the technology becomes cheaper. Hey, you still have that 825GB.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Incidentally, this is an area where the Xbox Series X comes out on top of their Sony counterparts.

The Series X has a 1TB SSD for internal storage, while the younger brother Series S has only 512GB.

Either way, you can delete them after you finish the games, for sure? There is at least nothing like the install sizes we have seen in games like Call to action of modern warfare Or the like.

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