September 25, 2023

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Zendia’s 2020 Emmy Look Is Giving Me Major Aladdin Vibes

Zendia's 2020 Emmy Look Is Giving Me Major Aladdin Vibes

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It’s everything to me.

The 2020 Emmys It hasn’t officially launched yet, and Zendaya has already won the night when it comes to fashion.

The Unhappy The star played her first Emmys appearance on Instagram, showing pur da and black Christopher John Rogers Clothing, Which gave me the main Aladdin vibes.

You will remember his iconic outfit with pur da color shirt and so rem pura pants.

Walt Disney / Courtesy Everett Collection.

However, go back to Z. This is the way she paired me with black shoes and a royal purple necklace.

Also, note her heartfelt attachment to Louboutin heels. All this is in detail, Dahling.

Zendia was kind enough to give us a twirl so we could see the back of her fit.

She even teased what I believed to be a pearl bracelet, and I couldn’t wait to see the rest.

When it comes to red carpets, remotely or personally, I really don’t know who does better than Z.

Kill, Zendaya, kill!

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