November 30, 2023

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Start time, mega zenger, research tasks & more

Start time, mega zenger, research tasks & more

Third and final Mega Evolution Event In Pokemon Go Trainers want to complete the global task of unlocking Mega Zinger when the Halloween celebrations begin in October.

While the other two mega evolution events focus on fighting rides and other coaches, this third is a bit chilly. Coaches can enjoy game-bonuses that revolve around the actual mega evolution process, such as increased mega evolution time and more.

Get things done and make the most of it all Pokemon Go Must be presented at this week’s day event.

Unlock Mega Jenger in ‘Pokemon Go’
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The Mega Evolution 3 event starts at 8am local time on Tuesday 22nd September and ends at 10pm local time on Monday 28th September.


As with the other two mega-evolution events, it involves time-consuming research tasks for trainers to complete.

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Complete tasks before the end of the event to earn useful items and more.

Despite Niantic, we don’t know the complete to-do list until this week’s event starts Teased It “enters the spooky season.” We will update it when this section is done.

Mega Zenger

Like Mega Pidzot and Houndum before this, Mega Zenger Reward will be unlocked for completing certain tasks in this program.

However, trainers do not have to complete a certain number of battles to unlock Ghost-type Pokemon. They have to complete time-lapse research for the “opportunity” to unlock another time research that includes Mega Zinger on this year’s Halloween event.

In-game bonus

In the overworld, Pokemon Go Coaches see Pokemon mostly in large quantities. Examples of this type of Pokemon include Niantic Dodo, Alolan Executer, Pinsir, Lapros, Snorlox, Furat, Wobfafet, Mantine and Scormorie.

In addition, Shiny Dodo will be making her debut Pokemon Go During this event. Unlike light-brown, shiny dodo changes to light-green so you can not go wrong with its general appearance.

As these big Pokemon rides begin to appear, coaches get another chance to find the shiny dodo.

The Mega-Evolved Pokemon will be in this form for 12 hours instead of the standard four, which will train the riders and Team Go Rocket for easy elimination.

The duration of the poffin during the event will double and there will be an increase in beadril mega energy from field research during the event. This week’s day event will also feature mega energy rewards for Venusar, Charizard and Blastois.

Are you excited for this upcoming Mega Evolution event? Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments section.

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