June 5, 2023

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Costco Cancels Palmetto Cheese After Food Maker Owner Criticizes Black Lives Matter on Facebook, Awakening Brigade Provokes Deportation – RT USA News

Costco Cancels Palmetto Cheese After Food Maker Owner Criticizes Black Lives Matter on Facebook, Awakening Brigade Provokes Deportation - RT USA News

Costco halts sales of Palmetto cheese, a leading brand of pimento cheese spread, after the company owner was outraged by a Facebook post criticizing Black Lives Matter.

A sign posted at a store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, indicates that Palmetto Cheese has been discontinued and will not be re-ordered by Costco. The retailer did not make a statement on its decision, but the move came after consumers called for a boycott of the brand due to social media comments made by Palmetto cheese owner Brian Henry.

“They should treat this BLM and the Antifa movement as terrorist organizations.” Henry was fired on August 25 in a Facebook post. He wrote the message alleging that a black man had shot and killed three whites in Georgetown, South Carolina. He complained that BLM was allowing antifouling “Destroy the great American cities illegally and threaten their citizens on a daily basis” And announced “It’s a matter of all lives. There, I said. So am I racist now?”

The response on social media has been rapid, with commentators calling Henry racist. Activists took action with a boycott campaign against Pameto Cheese. Set up a Twitter account mocking the company “Appropriation cheese,” Because of the use in its packaging of a black woman who worked for the company before she died earlier this year.

Activists on the Appropriation Cheese page celebrated Costco’s decision and pressed for more. On Tuesday a commenter thanked Costco and demanded that Kroger, Lowes Foods and other retailers cancel the Palmetto cheese. Another boycott supporter called on public supermarkets to abandon production: “Costco pulled the palmetto cheese because of its owner’s public racism. We hope you look into it, too.” Another said: “Focus on corporate America. You are an ally in this way.”

But others lamented Costco’s move and the division it represented. “The country is divided in this way,” A commenter tweeted. “Even store chains are picking sides now. It’s insane.” There are those who support Henry, criticizing the group does not mean that one is racist.

Henry, mayor of the small South Carolina coastal town of Powells, may have ruined the opportunity to inspire a boycott-backlash movement – Goya Foods rejoiced after its owner abused President Donald Trump for praising him – when he issued one Apologies He made the remarks on September 3 “Painful and sensitive.”

“I’ve spent the last 10 days listening and learning,” Said Henry. “My conversations with friends, our staff, community and faith-based leaders have given me a deeper understanding of the importance of racial inequality and diversity sensitivity.”

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Henry and his family Company In the first year of the new foundation set up to improve racial relations, 000 donates 100,000 and Palmetto Cheese rebrands its product “Be more sensitive to cultural diversity.” In addition to having the image of a black woman, the current packaging indicates that it is palmetto cheese “Pimento cheese with spirit.”

The company sold more than 15 million units in about 4,000 stores last year. Henry warned that the boycott would only harm the hundreds of people employed by the company in South Carolina.

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