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How Giles and Blue Jays can use the Phelps deal as a framework to stay together

How Giles and Blue Jays can use the Phelps deal as a framework to stay together

TORONTO – After Ken Giles returned to the injured list with the right flexor race last week, the Toronto Blue Jays immediately realized they would be close for the rest of the season. With the time needed for recovery and the ramp again, there is not enough runway to get back to the mound this year.

There was a lot of damage to the Bullpen for coming back to help reduce the games, especially amid the absence of Jordan Romano (finger cover). Julianne Meriweather’s tour manager Charlie Montoya’s list of injuries to the elbow ligament is further illustrated.

However, Giles’ personal expenses did not come to light until Monday, when 30-year-old Tommy John decided to undergo surgery. Although 2021 did not recover from this fall, his first attempt into a free agency was severely weakened.

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Along with Liam Hendrix, Blake Trainen and Alex Colom‌s, the strong, healthy season has made Giles one of the top assistive weapons on the market. Last winter, Atlanta signed Will Smith to a $ 40 million, three-year deal, while Drew Pomeranz received $ 34 million from four of San Diego’s free agency, so there is room for substantial pay, even amid all the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. .

Instead, the terrible limbo.

“It’s terrible, there’s no good way to keep it, it’s a terrible situation,” said Matt Schumacher, another pending free agent TeamIndia player who returned from a lot of strain to throw three innings 11-5 on Monday against the New York Yankees. “But talking to him for the last two days, he’s been in a better place mentally, more deeply since the last news came. Obviously, when he first hears it, it’s not great. If he talks about what his plans are, what he’s going to do, he’s more than OK.”

Focusing on his recovery is definitely one way to achieve that, limiting the economic impact on the market to one year with the economic collapse of COVID-19. At the same time, the free agency Tommy John has some creative deals for pitchers coming out of surgery, which provide an interesting potential route for Giles.

In particular, last year’s Blue Jays deal with reliever David Phelps offers a kind of win-win framework that benefits the player and the club. Phelps, who is undergoing tendon-replacement surgery (although the spring was against the fall) received a $ 2.5 million guarantee, raising his salary by 000 to 250,000 increments as seen in games 25, 30 and 35. His salary increased further by appearing in 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 games in 50,000 350,000 increments, 5,000 125,000 to complete 25 and 30 games, and 000 250,000 to complete 35 and 40 games.

Instead, Blue Jays received a 2020 club selection of $ 1 million in 2020, which increased to 3 million if Phelps pitched in more than 30 games in 2019, 5 million if he appeared over 40, 7 million if he appeared over 50, and 50 with over 40 games. -Million 8 million when it comes to game entry. There is another bonus set depending on the number of games Phelps pitched in the first year.

Phelps finished in 41 games between the Blue Jays and the Chicago Cubs, traded by Thomas Hatch, and Cubs turned down his $ 5 million pick. However, the bonus structure ensures that Phelps pays adequate compensation no matter how much he pitches, while at the same time the club will not be financially hooked if he fails to deliver.

Brilliant around.

“The free-agent process is interesting enough when you are not in pain. This is not an ideal situation when you are suffering, ”Phelps said of his free-agent experience last spring. “In the beginning, the teams were like, ‘Yeah, we’re interested, post to us how he’s throwing.’ Then that interest stays the same.From talking to other guys in the market, the same conversations, ‘We are interested, post us if anything happens’ and offers never come.We are ready to fly as soon as we get the fair, and it’s definitely an interesting deal, but There is protection on both sides. “

He’s close to Giles and since he may not be able to pitch at all in 2021, the setup and values ​​have to change. However the teams aggressively promised a pitcher start coming from Tommy John.

Cubs, for example, gave Drew Smiley a $ 10 million, two-year guarantee for the winter of 2017, and one year later, San Diego Padrese gave Garrett Richards .5 5.5.5 million in two years. Smiley spent the first year rehabilitated before he was traded to Texas and was later released, but Richards made only three starts last year, in 12 games, 10 starts, this year, 48.1 innings with 4.28 ERA and 43 strikeouts.

Giles has said many times that he wants to be with the Blue Jays, and he has made a strong impression since the Roberto Osuna deal came from the Houston Astros. He was a good teammate, a good presence and a strong performer, converting 38 of 39 save chances in 78 games, with 2.83 ERA and 111 strikeouts against 25 runs in 76.1 innings.

“He’s a great clubhouse leader. He’s awesome. I love the guy,” Montoyo said. “When he’s on the mound, when he’s healthy, he’s one of the best relaxers in baseball. He’s great with everyone in the clubhouse. He is a great companion. I don’t think people will know about him. “

Following his death at the trade finish line with the New York Yankees before the July 31 trade deadline, Blue Jays had further encouragement to sign such a deal with Giles. In 2019. They put him again without extending the off-season this year, saying that if they do not trade him out by the end of this year, they can offer him a qualifying offer if he performs well and collect a compensation draft pick if he leaves.

Now everything is not in the window.

“It doesn’t benefit me to look too far into the future,” Giles said of his pending free agency on September 12, shortly after he returned from the injured list. “Does it suck that (injury) happened? Sure, because I wanted to repeat what I did last year, short season or so. Overall, I’m not on the ground, I’m sorry. You know? I’m going out there and competing as best I can, to show that I’m healthy, If I show them that I’m healthy, all questions will be answered. I will allow them to work towards the off – season. For now, we are looking towards the post – season and I’m going to do my part to compete for the boys. “

To his credit, Giles tried. It did not work. Now he and Blue Jace are both trying to minimize their losses, the way forward together is looking them face to face.

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