May 28, 2022

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Meghan Markle Labels November are the most important in our lifetime

Despite the harsh political neutrality of the British royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle faced setbacks today for talking about the upcoming US election.

The Duke of Sussex told voters to ‘reject hate speech, misinformation and online hostility’, calling the Duchess’ presidential race the ‘most important election of our lives’, as the couple urged Americans to exercise their right to vote.

Speaking in A Time 100 In a video message, Harry admitted that he was not eligible to vote in the November 3 election – saying he had never voted in the UK where the convention dictated that the Royals should be more clear about politics.

When Harry and Meghan did not approve of a candidate, their intervention provoked criticism from the audience, saying it was not their business.

‘Why are the UK Prince and his wife running in the US elections? What is his business? Did we not wage war to end the intervention from the British monarchy? Someone asked.

Another said it was clear the royal couple were supporting Joe Biden, adding that their intervention was ‘unacceptable to members of the royal family’ – based on criticism leveled at Meghan before Donald Trump became monarch.

‘Why would a prince from the UK Kingdom encourage U.S. citizens to vote in US elections? How can this be allowed? ‘Asked another.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have completely broken with British tradition about the upcoming US election, which prohibits state involvement in politics.

For his part, Harry said: 'As we approach this November, it is imperative to reject hate speech, misinformation and online hostility.'

For his part, Harry said: ‘As we approach this November, it is imperative to reject hate speech, misinformation and online hostility.’

‘Every four years we are told the same thing, it is the most important choice of our lives. But it’s one, ” the 39-year-old Markley video clip aired as part of Time 100, the magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

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Markley continued: ‘When we vote, our values ​​come into play and our voices are heard. Your voice is an important reminder to you, because you do and you deserve to be heard. ‘

For his part, Harry said: ‘As we approach this November, it is imperative to reject hate speech, misinformation and online hostility.’

Harry asked Americans to be careful about what kind of content they consume online.

‘When evil outweighs good, for many, whether we realize it or not, it diminishes our ability to be compassionate and our ability to put on someone else’s shoes. This is because when a person buys a negative online, the effects can be overwhelming. It is not just a matter of reflection, it is a matter of action, ”he said.

Harry also mentioned that he could not vote in November because he was not an American citizen.

He says he has not been able to vote in the UK, despite being ideologically eligible in the last five general elections since he turned 18.

Although British law does not explicitly prohibit members of the royal family from voting, the expectation that the Royals will be undemocratic is considered sacred and in practice they will not participate in elections by voting or otherwise.

Since announcing plans to step down as senior royals in January and moving to North America, Meghan and Harry have quietly expanded their involvement in politics as they set their own path.



Expressing enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket, Markley made his position clear in several demonstrations in recent weeks in the 2020 election

This week, feminist activist Gloria Stenim revealed that Markley had called Americans with her and asked them to vote.

Said Stenim Access Hollywood: ‘She came home to vote. The first thing we did, and why she came to see me, I was sitting at the dining room table right now and we were calling voters. ‘

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‘Hello I’m Meg’ and ‘Hello I’m Gloria’ and ‘Are you going to vote?’ That was her initiative. ‘

Meghan Steenam said she was excited to see fellow mixed-race woman Kamala Harris nominated as vice president, in another strong indication that she supports the Democratic ticket.

Before marrying Prince Harry in 2018, Markley was no stranger to politics, mocking then-presidential candidate Donald Trump when he appeared on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore in 2016.

Trump referred to his support for Hillary Clinton as ‘myogenetic and divisive’.

Harry, a friend of former President Barack Obama, was interviewed in 2017 on a guest-edited episode of BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

‘Part of my role and part of my job is to focus on the issues that the spotlight needs, be it people, causes, problems, whatever,’ Harry said at the time.

‘So I will continue to do my part in the community and do my best to match my abilities so that I wake up early in the morning and become energetic.’

Over the past few weeks, Meghan has participated in multiple interviews and summits – ‘frustrated’ at not being able to participate in politics while serving as a senior royal.

Last month, she joined Gloria for a ‘backyard chat’ in which she made it very clear who she planned to vote for in November, expressing her excitement at seeing the colorful woman on the Democratic ticket – her partner Kamala Harris running Joe Biden – and explaining that the nomination was particularly meaningful to her because she was bisexual.

Last month, Markley (left) joined Gloria Steinm for a 'backyard chat' in which she made it very clear who she planned to vote for in November.

Last month, Markley (left) joined Gloria Steinim for a ‘backyard chat’ in which she made it very clear who she planned to vote for in November.

“I’m so excited to see that kind of representation,” she said. ‘You know, for me, biracial, growing up, whether it’s a toy or a person in the office, you have to look at the person who looks like you with some ability.

‘As many of us believe, you may be the only one you can see. And when it is not, how can you want something greater than what you see in your own world? I am now starting to break down in a different way. ‘

Meanwhile, she also took up voter appeals, during which she boldly appealed to women across the United States to run in the 2020 presidential election, speaking out about the need for ‘change’ at an online voter summit and saying to participants: ‘If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.’

Meghan clarified her stance on the 2020 presidential race at an online event – When All Women Vote Couch Party hosted by Wen We All Vote, a non-profit organization founded by ‘her friend’ Michelle Obama.

Meghan, who appeared as the opening speaker at the summit, expressed her ‘enthusiasm’ for participation before telling those associated with the organization: ‘We need [your work] More now than ever. ‘

‘I’m really surprised you asked me to be a part of this,’ Mother-of-One began, ‘I think this is a very extraordinary time. [and I am] My friend Michelle Obama Wen is happy that we all voted, and when all the women started the couch party they voted for. ‘