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Another Alex Pitrangel for the Maple Leafs article

Another Alex Pitrangel for the Maple Leafs article

Over the years I have written three major articles about Leafs’ endless quest for defense. I keep trying to get my head around how much value it has in adding a defender to the team and how good he is at making it worthwhile. I do not publish them because the answers are not always satisfactory.

I have one thing I said: If Archangel Gabriel came to earth and waved his right hand – he would shoot right (can he get it?) – and “I want to be human now, and I want to be a defenseman, Maple Leafs. ”It had at least some good jokes, and then Kyle traded for Jake Mazzin, and I shuddered,“ He’s not an angel, but about the best he can get ”.

I got off the rails when Jake Gardiner left and I continued about Dougie Hamilton and you know, I understand. Such as. I mean this bit:

The bottom line is here: you sign John Tavares, and then his maximum years will not go away. You do not give all the money you gave Tavares to Aston Mathews and take his childhood away to find out the good years. You do not take any action when you are fidelifying in asset management. If I wanted to see it, I’m a damn yachts fan. You make this team better.

And then Dubas (I don’t call him Kyle) went and got Tyson Barry, which was like a personal attack on me, and a chance to see if everything I said about him and Morgan Really was correct. Sorry for reporting that I undersold the value gap.

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But looking back on my undesirable passions from the summer of 2019, something jumps to me: everyone wanted to get rid of the Dubas half team, and now this season, when the team is worse in the playoffs, everyone wants to take Dubas zero risks. Sign on and continue on to a good young man who is completely inseparable from Justin Hole. Keep grinding as Bobcock says.

Here comes an article that neatly and neatly proves with numbers and elements why Justin Hole is not cloning. Mr. At Least (as good as the hole) is not worth the trouble, and let’s skip the math and go for the money quote:

Mr. At Least is not improving the team in a meaningful way. This is not an “answer” or an action that will make a difference in the future. It’s not running water, and I would rather sign back to Cody CC than pay an important asset for Mr. et al.

This is the kernel of truth, I keep uncovering, I do not know that it is all there: the leaves have made all the improvements they can with small movements. Hanwick, Pollock and Marinsin are gone … Wait, I was told that Marinsin didn’t actually fall. Still, he’s not a “problem” other than pairing up a third-pair darling this year with some bad team.

So if the doggie is busy, and the whole clone doesn’t fit, what is this really about Bankers Pitrangelo thinking?

Make no mistake, this idea is bankers

People keep telling me that signing up for Petrange is a very big risk, something that is not clearly visible from the place. Signing in Pitrange is a very big risk, I really wrote a damn article explaining why the St. Louis Blues should not do this and it looks like they agree with me.

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I was tired when I heard about how depth can be destroyed — it stops making any sense and these scares will be coded for me !! But it’s no exaggeration to say that you have to really believe in the idea that the top 10 players on the team are important, and the rest could be the Boston Bruins and the basic quality players who aren’t busy right now. Provides proof of concept.

You may not enjoy the fourth line in Pitranzelo Leafs and you may not find anyone in the press box for knitting the yellow ribbons worse, too, too bad.

The idea is that most bankers, no GM in the NHL will do this. NHL GMs grow a good playoff beard and do things like signing up to some tall peers who complete 5 checks by 5 check in their 30s. If they weren’t already on the team they wouldn’t be signing huge deals with really talented players, loved by the captain and the fans.

Mr. Dubas is great for shit-eating laughter and the man who is someone else’s captain, in his dad’s suit.
Photo by Mark Blinch / NHLI by Getty Images

Do you know why you threw Harry Mary?

Well, to be honest, I hate football, but the metaphor is clear even if you have never seen a game of football. Sorta like other cultural memes that we all understand without reading the book like a “white whale” … wait, forget it. However, when you lose all other hope you throw a snowflake at Mary, and when it is your last chance, the phrase “go big or go home” means that if it fails you will actually go home without a job.

The principle here is that if Dubas throws this pass, he is going home without a job.

Do you remember the rumors that Dubas tried to do business for PK Subban last summer? I do. I think he’s been trying to throw this damn football since he was GM instead of Mark Hunter, because his runway is always short, he needs to prove he can build a winner, and he’s a fire coach card and the result …

Columbus Blue Jackets v Toronto Maple Leafs

Photo by Andre Ringgutt / Freestyle Photo / Getty Images

The 37-year-old at Petrange is no good

Didn’t you say? What about age 38?

Last night on TSN Pierre LeBron turned out to be one of his (and every media person’s) favorite brilliant schemes. What if Leafs traded for rights in Pietrange and signed for eight years? He said he discussed the idea with John Tavares’ agent, but Lou did not play the ball, so nothing came of it.

How can this improve a bad deal? It helps because Kyle Dubas already knows it’s a bad deal. See, do you think you have desires? Dubas should listen to the sentiments of the people who write pachex. He should hear Brandon Pridham moan. He had to listen to Brendan Shannon at two in the morning when he realized his job was not safe.

They know the team is not good enough. They need to build a powerhouse competitor and they know they have failed so far:

In the end, the standings don’t really lie. During our break, I would say that the third best team in our division and the eighth seed team in our conference, our potential was very low. That’s from October 2nd to March 11th – the same we.

I think you can indicate maximum levels and you will most likely end up somewhere in the middle. Not enough in between. We have already started working here today. This is something we need to improve. When I look, it starts with me and the work I do in continuing to work to improve the club and everything we do.

Kyle Dubas

Anyone who signed on to Pitrangelo on October 9, they do not even know the date of the next season, not even the year, they know the level of gambling they are carrying out. They need to be rich so that they do not have to worry about the possibility of committing something north of $ 75 million when their income is zero.

They know they are eating the last x number of the deal, because of how big UFA contracts work in the NHL. The stars will be compensated for their ELCs on the back of their final contract. The end of the story.

So why not eat x + 1 years if AAV is low?

No one here will deceive themselves. At best, Pitrangelo becomes Andy Green at the end of the deal, pours around, and he appears to be who he is. At worst he will collect his purchase money for a few more years, but will try to figure out what you will do when you retire before the age of 40.

This is all a bit of an illusion

There is no open end to the “we can and we will”. Leaving all other UFAs and never making promises. If Kyle Pitrangelo signs, and “five guys – 50 million 50 million” seems a little dangerous and the crime is embodied in very few bodies, he is allowed to make other deals to adjust it.

He may feel that he is needed. He had no idea if the hat would go up or down or change forever for five years. Since there is no guarantee that the Cap compliant roster will be needed by December 1, he may have a long way to go.

The purpose of this upcoming season is to keep the band together (but completely dump the drummer and second bass player and roadies – those guys should go) training camp changes can bring changes, and trade-offs can look very different from one to two every year in the Pitrangelo era.

Dubas knows what we do not know

So far, and in the hands of the first round pick, Dubas knows what his other options are, and we will not do that. I think he knows how good a defenseman can be in a trade and how much it costs. We can remember again that he (from credible reports) tried to get PK Subban, because I think this is saying too much.

The pool of players that Leafs should choose to find a meaningful addition to the defense is very small, very expensive and rarely on the market. At least 50 players in the NHL are on par with Mazzin and Really and are enough to really improve the team. Most of them GMs are locked up for term deals so they don’t have to worry about what they have. Alex Pitrangelo is in the top 10 in that group, and can only get one dubas for free.

If it’s really Hail Mary’s time, Dubas knows better than anyone.

So, here we are. Dubas is waiting to see if he can throw the ball. Do you do

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