May 21, 2022

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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X 1TB expandable storage price is $ 219.99

Microsoft's Xbox Series X 1TB expandable storage price is $ 219.99

Microsoft’s first 1TB expandable storage drive for the Xbox Series X / S is priced at 9 219.99. Began taking Best Buy preorder For the supplement, it reveals the recently leaked final price. These expandable storage cards slot into the back of both the Xbox Series X / S to match the internal SSD speed and provide 1TB of additional storage.

Microsoft owns an expandable storage solution, and Seagate is the only manufacturer to date. Microsoft tells me more suppliers and will get additional sizes in the future, but the 9 219.99 price still surprises many Next-Gen Xbox owners.

The Xbox Series comes with X1TB SSD storage, while the Xbox Series S comes with just 512GB of storage. Microsoft’s price means that if you want to add extra storage and bring it up to 1.5TB in total, the 9299 Xbox Series S will reach almost 20 520. This makes the larger Series X more attractive to those who need storage, especially after the games have been upgraded for the Xbox Series X / S so that games are 30 percent smaller than the Series X Series X, which certainly helps with storage options.

1TB expandable storage card for Xbox Series X.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Edge

An alternative to this expandable storage is to use any USB drive to store games when you do not need to play them. If they are not upgraded for the Xbox Series X / S, you can either run them directly from USB storage, or you can copy them and use the drives as cheap cold storage.

Determining the price of these expandable storage cards is very difficult because there are not enough comparable PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs out there. Sony chose to allow players to put their own drives into the PS5, but these drives must meet the speed requirements of the internal SSD. Those speed requirements mean that PS5 owners will need the best PCI 4.0 NVM drives to begin accessing PCs. Samsung has announced its 980 Pro Earlier this week, it may be the ideal candidate for the PS5 due to its fast reading and writing speed. The Samsung 1TB option for the 980 Pro is priced at 9,229.99, but Sony has not yet revealed which drives will be compatible with the PS5.

The advantages of Sony’s more open approach are that prices on compatible PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs will inevitably fall over time due to competition and lower production costs. If uming assumes that Sony will certify most high-end drives, there should be plenty of options. Microsoft is producing its expandable Xbox Series X / S storage cards to reduce competition and reduce prices over time. It will be a game to wait and see in the coming months how Sony and Microsoft will handle expandable storage options, but it is clear from Microsoft pricing that it will not be cheap for early buyers.

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