May 30, 2023

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Travis Scott unveils music video for “franchise” feet. Young Thug & MIA

Travis Scott unveils music video for "franchise" feet.  Young Thug & MIA

Everything Travis Scott Touches will become a world-stopping, mind-blowing event — even the release of his new singles. We saw that his Cactus Jack partnership with McDonald’s led to a shortage of products for the fast food chain and he also teamed up with filmmaker Christopher Nolan to cook the theme song for the recently released film. Tenet. Travis Scott returns with him The latest venture “franchise,“Containing track Young Thug And MIA

The rapper also hinted at a new project Utopia Or Direct from utopia, But we’ll have to wait to see if it’s a solo record or a Cactus Jack collaborative album. If the “franchise” release is not enough, Scott revealed The premiere of the music video will be the IMAX experience with Nolan Partnership.

Travis also told Jane Lowe how he liked MIA recently: “She contacted me for something for her album and we tracked it down in London,” he said. “She’s one of my favorite artists as a human being … When I’m done with the song, I can not think of anyone, maybe I’m like, body this sh * t .Do you know what I’m saying? That existence, man.We have not experienced this existence for a long time.I’m trying to get this gig the right person.Will we have to recover, right? Do you know what I’m saying? . “

Broadcast the “franchise” and let us know your thoughts.

Quoteable lyrics

Yes, you know (slot)
And when they free us, it becomes a Kodak (yes) movie
Pour me right over the edge like a pollock
I rippin and running, not slippery or slidin, athletic tendencies

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