May 23, 2022

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Friday Day Highlights – Big Brother Network

Friday Day Highlights - Big Brother Network

This is Nomination Day Big Brother22 Home! Find out what the plan is and what the new HOH is Big Brother All-Stars plans to do it if one of the names gets into the block after playing POV. Make sure you check back later this week for confirmation on the names.

If you can Live feeds (Free effort) Then you can watch all these moments Flashback Go back and watch the important conversations or funny scenes you missed.

9:15 AM BBT – HGs are waking up.

9:50 AM BBT – Christmas tells Memphis, she knows for sure that Danny is trying to convince Cody. Memphis tells her to get out of her head and asks if she is mad. She said the girls were so insane and deeply deceived.

10:28 AM BBT – Enzo asks Kodi if Danny or Nicole will go after Christmas. Cody says Danny will definitely, but Christmas also goes after Danny. Enzo says he wants BD to have Christmas this week. Cody says that if Kevin steps down, he’s going to keep Christmas as a rhinoceros and they can talk seriously about it.

10:32 AM BBT – Enzo tells Kodi that Kevin knows everything because Day told him everything. He warns Cody that Kevin will come talk to him and says that Kevin knows that Danny used force on Memphis and that he thinks Christmas has other power.

10:36 AM BBT – Through the elimination process, if Christmas wins HOH and David is gone, Danny and Cody will go renom with Enzo. Enzo tells him about making two F3s called Memphis The Wise Guys and the second one is with Memphis, Enzo and Christmas.

10:40 AM BBT – Cody says that if POV is used this week, Christmas will grow and if she really cares about it, they will send her out. They agree that they need to make a Christmas clip as soon as possible.

10:48 AM BBT – Cody says he’s going to tell David that he has work to do this week to please a certain group he’s working with and he has not blown it yet. He plans to reassure him that he will be safe regardless.

11:00 AM BBT – Cody and Enzo are talking about planting seeds with Danny and Christmas about each other. Enzo tells him to watch what they say for Christmas, because if she’s frustrated enough she can run back to Danny.

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11:27 AM BBT – Cody says he has his feelings about Christmas, but this time he doesn’t know if he wants to do anything about it.

11:40 AM BBT – Christmas asks Kodi to come to her if she needs to check anything anyone says about her. He tells her that no one mentioned his name to him.

12:03 PM BBT – Cody tells David that the two are tough, but at home things are happening that he should be happy with. He tells Kodi that what he is doing is a shot, but it is not. All this smoke in the mirrors.

12:10 PM BBT – Cody tells David that he believes in himself in this game and hopes that David will trust him too. He tells her that he is straight with her and that if anyone else knew this it could put him in a very bad place.

12:55 PM BBT – Memphis tells Danny he didn’t play for any powers because they seem to have clouded the game. Danny wonders if they both won Tyler money and even Christmas.

1:07 PM BBT – Memphis tells Cody he has no power, Danny did and she used it on him. He tells Cody that she decided to use it to give The Committee a leg up on the HOH camp.

1:11 PM BBT – Enzo tells Christmas that they want to win POV this week, keep the names the same and go next week. Christmas agrees.

1:15 PM BBT – Cody tells Memphis he thinks Tyler will go after Danny and Nicole. Memphis tells Cody that Tyler’s story is flipping if money is made. Cody tells Memphis టై Tyler admits he won the money after he left.

1:17 PM BBT – Memphis wonders why Tyler says he went for the money three times and it’s not cool because what if Kevin wins the HOH. They agree that Tyler would have been more comfortable if one of their friends had considered keeping him on the block the week before.

1:20 PM BBT – On F2, Cody tells Memphis that Danny is throwing Christmas under the bus by telling Cody that he doesn’t want Christmas sitting next to him. Cody tells Memphis that Danny has nothing to say, it just wants to target Christmas.

1:34 PM BBT – If Kevin steps down after POV, David tells Cody Nicole he doesn’t want to go this week. Christmas, then Nicole asks how it will be. He says yes and she tells him it’s stupid and he does not want to do Danny’s dirty work. Cody tells her that Enzo has told her that Christmas, Memphis and Enzo have F3.

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1:40 PM BBT – Nicole is angry with Cody because she has to vote that three people are allied with her and Cody gets angry. He tells her that everyone needs to vote, what should he do, then she is only coming after him?

1:43 PM BBT – Christmas and Enzo are talking about Danny and Nicole lying about their votes yesterday.

1:50 PM BBT – Nicole and Cody agree that if Christmas grows, she will have to go.

1:53 PM BBT – Ideally with Cody Nicole, Christmas and Tyler says Danny should be here to go later. Memphis is going to go after Tyler, Nicole told her and Tyler.

2:02 PM BBT – Cody and Nicole talk about the ballots they hit and Janelle tells Cody about Danny coming to her to throw hinky votes during the vote. He tells her how Danny overreacted when he jokingly asked her about it. He said that he was definitely Danny and that she should do with whoever she was. The chicken is called DR.

2:05 PM BBT – Nicole tells Enzo how Danny screamed at the whole house that Nicole was in HOH for about an hour (which is about 30 minutes). Discussions revolve around how confusing Danny’s gameplay is.

2:17 PM BBT – Kevin talks about how he can win POV and hopes that this week’s prizes will entice people not to try for POV.

2:25 PM BBT – Kevin is waiting to talk to Cody. He said that they were literally talking about him there and that he should go there and act in a way he did not know. He said it was very humiliating to be at the bottom.

2:26 PM BBT – David talks about his game and how he had to vote because she did not trust him and threw him under the bus. He tells us he never put his name to anyone. He said it was unfortunate, because he, Day and Bay all felt like they had a common goal.

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2:30 PM BBT – Cody fills in Tyler‌ on everything Enzo says about Kevin and how he is going to sprinkle this information.

2:34 PM BBT – Cody tells Tyler‌ that Danny wants David to go this week. Tyler told her. Tyler said Danny told him one of the votes was David, but they knew it was him. Tyler said he asked Christmas about the vote and that Christmas was weird. They say it should be a combination of Danny, Nicole and Christmas.

2:40 PM BBT – The only person he’s a little worried about with Cody Tyler is Christmas, but he’s fixing that relationship. He mentioned it even though it cost Danny. He said the two of them would target each other.

2:45 PM BBT – Tyler tells Cody that the Christmas shootings took place yesterday because Danny told her he played power for Memphis. He tells Cody that he mentioned that Danny thinks Christmas is one of the flipped votes.

2:53 PM BBT – Cody tells Tyler‌ that Christmas is going to be Tuesday. What did Cody say would happen if it exploded in their faces?

2:56 PM BBT – Tyler jokingly asks Cody if he’s crazy about taking half of K’s 10k. Cody says he won nothing and they start ulating hogans on who they might be.

2:59 PM BBT – Tyler says Danny should be the best player every BB has ever played with him. He said that if Danny was in the F2, he would vote for her. If they think so… no, no, no, no, Cody says. Tyler adds that he thinks he and Cody are on an equal footing with her.

Well, with Kevin being the main target, it looks like we can handle David and Kevin being taken into the block this week. If Kevin wins the POV, we can see some excitement coming from this week’s Christmas Cody’s backup plan. Stay tuned for nominees confirmation later this week!

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