June 7, 2023

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Greta Thunberg and the youth weather protests are back

Greta Thunberg and the youth weather protests are back

Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg is back. She joined fellow protesters outside the Swedish parliament on Friday to mark the start of a day of physically absent global climate protests.

“As always, the main hope is to have an impact on the level of awareness and public opinion so that people can start gaining more awareness,” the 17-year-old told reporters.

The spread of the coronavirus has blocked the Fighters for Future movement, which in recent months has prompted Thunberg to refrain from holding its own mass rallies, reducing its public profile.

Thunberg began his solo protests outside the Swedish parliament on August 20, 2018 in Stockholm. Students around the world soon began to follow her leadership, organized large-scale protests, and invited her to speak at UN meetings and annual world political and business leaders. Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Environmental activists on Friday placed a picture of connected hands around the world in line with global protests over climate change in the city of Quezon in the Philippines. The group held a rally to call on governments around the world to take action on environmental sustainability to prevent the effects of climate change. (Aaron Favila / The Associated Press)

Thunberg’s blunt remarks to presidents and prime ministers filled with scientific facts about the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have won her praise and accolades, but also occasional criticism and death threats.

They want lawmakers to abide by the 2015 landmark Paris Climate Agreement, which called on rich and poor countries to take action to curb global warming, such as melting glaciers, raising sea levels and altering rainfall patterns. Governments are required to submit national plans to reduce emissions to limit global warming to less than 2C.

Weather protests are taking place elsewhere around the world on Friday. Some are planned in cities including Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

My-Rose Craig, British meteorologist and ornithologist in the Arctic Stood on a piece of ice broken from the ice cap.

Cyclists attended a Frieder protest rally on Friday near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. (Michael Sohn / The Associated Press)

The 18-year-old bird lover and founder of nonprofit Black2 Nature said she believes this is the most northeast weather strike ever. Her team encourages inner city children from black and ethnic minority backgrounds to explore nature.

“Being in this kind of small blizzard and floating in the middle of a slush sea really reminded me of how delicate the Arctic is,” she said Sunday from the north of Svalbard’s Norwegian archipelago.

“I think the youth strike movement is great because it has brought a lot of energy to the anti – climate change movement, where suddenly hundreds of young people around the world have a voice and they are using it.”

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