June 30, 2022

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Price, specs, release date, pictures and everything we know

Price, specs, release date, pictures and everything we know

Google Start the Night Inn We hope the news of the Pixel 5 finally reaches the world. Follow-up Smash-hit Pixel 4A, Google’s latest “flagship” already has a lot of critics. Like it or not, our picture of the upcoming phone is actually done.

How can this be?

Both real-world photos and renders of the upcoming Pixel 5 have been leaked, showing the phone in black and green from all angles. Note that the photos are for “Pixel 5s”, but based on what we now know, the name corresponds to Pixel 5 (or, at the very least, a version of Pixel 5).

Images next to the phone with the larger pixel 4A5G were also leaked:

A sample Spots in the forest, With some speculating that it might be the Pixel 5, has a very different two-tone back design, but it doesn’t look like much.

The speed of the leaks has been increasing since then Google has officially released the phone along with 4a 5G. Previously, xleaks7 Published (via) some renders based on leaked CADs Pigtou) This shows what we think is an acceptable design and recent leaks have confirmed it.

Industrial design is immediately recognizable as a pixel if you look at it Pixel 4 last year, The Pixel 4A, Or Leaked Renders of Pixel 4A XL Pixel 4A5G. The physical configuration of the rear cameras does not change much compared to the Pixel 4, although the flash has moved upwards and the cameras Themselves Can be adjusted – more later.

The pixel in it is 5 Green Color path.

Looks like Google is releasing the Pixel 4’s Fancy Face Unlock Tech, returning to the tried-and-true, coveted, rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor. Larger, almost bezel-less screen also probably means this No soli motion gestures. We get one of the modern aperture-punch front facing cameras, however, Like the Pixel 4A. Unlike the Pixel 4A, the Pixel 5 can maintain precise bezel symmetry, including the bottom. (It’s a small thing, but I live for these kind of little touches.)

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The body details of the Pixel 5 are inconsistent. Some sources claim that it features an all-aluminum design that a person has experience over their hands Sued It looked like plastic. Wireless charging usually has problems with metal (hence the glass back on phones these days), and based on recent conflicts, we do not know exactly what to expect. Personally, I thought it should have at least an aluminum frame (according to the recycle, leaks), with the same kind of thick texture coating as the Pixel 4 last year – hence the “plastic” mess.

One phone or two?

Only one. Early this spring, we thought it was “Bramble” The pixel could be 5 XL, Confirmed since then Pixel 4A5G. (The pixel lineup is weird now.) Based on the specs, you Could not Suppose the Pixel 4A5G is a larger and simultaneously cut-down version of the Pixel5 because they share some interiors. But Google puts the name on a different lineup and Pixel 5 stands alone.

There may be one vague exception to this: the phone May be Come in different versions with and without mmWave support Based on FCC Lists, And its Is possible (But not likely) “Pixel 5s” leak Corresponds to a slightly different name for those two versions. However, these can be just carrier or regional variations. Either way, it will not be as big and small in size as last year.

What are the specs?

We have one Some Waves Of Leaks When it comes to technical details, and at the moment, we know a lot about the phone:

We know it will feature the Snapdragon 765G chipset – just like the recent one OnePlus North, Moto Edge, And the Vivo X50 Pro. This means that the “flagship” level performance may not be the same as the thousands of dollar phones that pack the Snapdragon 865. We were not worried.

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Although Some rumors Indicates high refresh rate performance Latest leaks All represent 90Hz 1080p display.

Verifying details They are Pre-dug in the software, The Pixel 5 features reverse wireless charging to keep other devices on top. The primary camera configuration is similar (if not identical) Pixel 4 last year, But this time the secondary camera is wide angle. Google seems to have dropped its telephoto (I personally prefer the wider perspective).

Based on the leaks, Google is also drastically increasing the battery life of its flagship phones – Finally. Battery life on the Pixel 4 and 4XL last year was good, and this kind of bump would be an admirable change. The same happens for storage, with several sources now confirming that the 128GB “base” size for the Pixel 4A will be the same.

The Pixel 5 also represents the return of the rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor, which brings us …

What features does it lose against the Pixel 4?

Based on the leaks, we believe that the Pixel 5 will technically “lose” some features compared to the Pixel 4. With the new edge-to-edge screen design, there is no real space in the bezels. This means more swelter design, but that means we’ll miss both Soli’s motion sense gestures and face unlock – those sensors Need some serious space, Hence the bezel forehead of the Pixel 4. If Google can not embed them below the screen and so far has not been able to hide that fact simultaneously (which is basically impossible), you can probably count them.

There is no space for all of those sensors.

We are also sure that there will be no “XL” version of the Pixel 5, although the Pixel 4A5G may fit the bill as an XL-variant for some, despite similar specs, Google has put it somewhere else in the series.

Does it have 5G?

Yes. The Snapdragon 765G chipset supports 5G and FCC filings for the phone show 5G frequencies. However, some models in the FCC do not have 5G mm wave Support, and there may be slightly different versions of the phone with and without that technology (whether they are carrier or regional variations, we are not sure).

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In short, this means that Pixel 5 must support 5G networks – if you care. We do not.

How much does it cost?

Under 700.

A Previous survey Defendants demanded that some attributors to Google compare the $ 349 “Google Pixel Phone” to the 99 699 “Premium Google Pixel Phone”. Since then we have seen numbers from 699 to 29 629. At this point, we personally think there is less chance, but 99 699 leaks continue on the surface, so we can’t say for sure. Either way, it will cost that price or less.

When will it come out?

Announcement on September 30th.

Google has revealed that its next hardware event will take place on September 30 (then you can check out our live coverage). At the event, the company promised to find out about the “new Pixel phones” except for dropping the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G names, so hopefully the phones will be announced then.

However, Google in the past Another date is out Pre-orders will open on October 8, according to its French blog. Historically, you were able to pre-order pixels on the announced date, so Google is changing the way it handles pre-orders, not all regions get it at the same time, or the timeline has changed since that leak. This is a Year Of Delay For Google, so dates are easily changed. We have not even seen many retail leaks for the Pixel 5, as there are other products that will be announced on September 30th, although that is not proof of anything.

Google is ahead of the Pixel 5 Not coming to India or Singapore.