July 7, 2022

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Prince Harry felt “sad” and “tense” in 100 interviews during his time, says body language expert

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  • The couple discussed politics in an interview and urged American fans to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

This week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat for a Rare, television interview For time 100 Daily Mail, Body language expert Judy James distinguishes what we can learn about Harry’s current state of mind from the unspoken evidence given in the video.

According to James, Harry looked “uncomfortable” and he seemed to “know about the fall” Interview with Meghan The rest may be due to the royal family.

“Harry and Meghan prefer to dress up their more rebellious in friendly, ground-to-earth casual attire, which means it will take some time to realize what they are doing here. The game is changing in terms of royal organization,” James explained of the importance of the interview, in which the couple touches on politics and the upcoming presidential election. American fans were asked to vote.

James also noticed it Harry took the back seat to Meghan In terms of body language, Meghan took up more physical space on the bench the couple shared in the interview, which took place in their backyard 14 million home in Montecito, California. According to James, this may have been the most calculated action on Harry’s part.

“He needs to look more like a guest than a host here so as not to look like a person giving a lecture on a topic that is not personally related to him,” she says. “When Obama addresses UK voters about Brexit and the US president is very popular in the UK, the fall-out effect, such as voting in favor of Brexit, will be negative.”

During part of the video Harry and Meghan American fans urged to vote, Prince’s uncomfortable peaks, according to James:

“It may seem like a deeply loving couple asking people to vote, but Harry is well aware of the possibility of falling in the UK and in his own family. His distracting rituals reflect that and indicate some degree of discomfort. His mouth pulls into the shape of a partial oxbow in a subtle gesture, indicating a little sadness .

His knees are thrown to symbolize faith and authority, but it is a gesture that is truncated in terms of power as his teeth are locked together at the ankle. There is some eye-stuttering and eye-shuffle to indicate tension and the formation of distraction signals that even include what at one stage looks like fist-fracture gesture. Like nail biting, fist fracture is a displacement or self-attack ritual that occurs when you are unable to attack an angry person. ”

Read the rest of James’ analysis Harry and Meghan Time 100 Interview Body Language Here.

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