May 27, 2023

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Pelosi and Munuchin will make one last attempt at Kovid talks ahead of the election

Pelosi and Munuchin will make one last attempt at Kovid talks ahead of the election

Top Democrats spent most of the weekend and Monday The bill was approximately 2,152 pages before it was released Monday evening. Although nothing was scheduled, Wednesday’s vote could take place soon, and lawmakers and deputies warned that the timeline could easily slip.

The package is essentially a scaled-back version of the House’s sweeping bill passed in May, which Republicans have already rejected. It has nearly half a trillion dollars to raise state and local governments, as well as a second round of stimulus checks for most Americans. It will reopen an additional $ 600 a week in federal unemployment benefits, which expire in late July.

The Democratic bill includes some new money for airlines and restaurants, two industries that suffered dramatic financial losses from the House’s final package this spring.

Pelosi called with his leadership team on Monday afternoon to discuss the current strategy. The full Democratic Caucus will be detailed on the bill Wednesday morning.

This week The vote on the Democratic proposal was intended to mobilize a vocal group of moderate Democrats, who demanded that Pelosi bring more pandemic aid bills to the ground after key aid programs for millions of Americans expired.

The House bill, if passed, would not do much to bring real relief to the American people. The House Democrats’ proposal is unlikely to actually become law, and both parties agree that it will be the last week before the election day before Congress leaves for a break of about a month.

Democrats and Republicans still hold more than tr 1 trillion in the coronavirus debate, which has stalled for months despite mounting pressure from frustrated U.S. businesses and households. Pelosi has repeatedly said Republicans will have to cut the trillion-dollar gap, she has slashed $ 1 trillion from Democrats Starting $ 3.4 trillion Proposal – Something GOP negotiators did not want to do.

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“We cut $ 1 trillion and they have to come up because they have to crush this virus,” Pelosi told MSNBC on Monday.

After successfully navigating the short-term solution to prevent a federal government shutdown on September 30, Pelosi and Munuchin recently resumed talks on coronavirus assistance.

The two spoke briefly on Sunday and made plans to speak again Monday night. Pelosi told MSNBC on Monday that Republicans still need to spend “more” to reach a bilateral agreement on the relief package.

“We were ready for that conversation when he was ready to return to the table. But he should come back with a lot more money to get that job done. I’m hopeful. I’m optimistic,” Pelosi said.

Last week, Pelosi first instructed his committee chairmen to begin drafting a coronavirus relief bill. Transfer strategies After blocking calls for weeks to keep a small stimulus package on the floor. Until then, Pelosi will stand behind the 4 3.4 trillion Heroes Act passed in May, saying Senate Republicans – not hers – have a responsibility to take further action.

But moderate Democrats, especially those in the most vulnerable districts Discomfort With that strategy. Those Democrats, who have been on the decline for weeks before the election, have repeatedly sounded alarms in recent weeks and called on the leadership to redouble its efforts to reach a bilateral agreement.

“For now, it’s the last week that the House has votes before we return to our districts,” said Republican Josh Gothheimer (DN.J.), co-chair of the bilateral House Problem Solvers Caucasus. Months pushed The two parties negotiate an agreement. “It is unthinkable for Congress to go home without taking action.”

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