July 6, 2022

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US coronavirus: New York City’s rise in new cases shows Kovid-19 is still a ‘countable force’ nationwide

US coronavirus: New York City's rise in new cases shows Kovid-19 is still a 'countable force' nationwide
This fall is a very bad time to lag behind as all three Americans face big challenges: more indoor meetings, potential Coronavirus-and-flu “Twin-Demic,” And trying to keep or keep students safe in school.

Of the new cases only 10 states are showing downward trends and 19 states are stable.

But in most states, “not only is the number of infections continuing to rise, test positivity rates continue to go in the wrong direction,” emergency medical doctor Dr Lena Wen said Monday.

The test positive rate is when the percentage of test results changes positively. The World Health Organization recommends that test positive rates be maintained 5% or less for at least 14 days Before businesses reopen.

“We are seeing more than a dozen states with a test positivity of more than 10%. There are two states, Idaho and South Dakota – where the test positivity is more than 20%,” Wen said.

“That means not only do we have an increase in infections in these states, we don’t even have enough tests.”

Cases ‘grow at a terrible rate’ in some parts of NYC

For the first time since early June, New York State reported more than 1,000 new cases on Saturday – prompting the government to warn Andrew Cuomo that the virus “remains a force to be reckoned with nationwide.”

“As we move into the fall and flu season, New Yorkers will need to continue with the basic behaviors that drive our ability to fight Covid-19,” Cuomo said. “Wearing masks, being socially isolated and washing hands can make a very critical difference.”

In New York City, “COVID-19 cases Continues to grow at an alarming rate in eight neighborhoods In the city, it has surpassed the citywide average of 3.3 times in the last 14 days, “the NYC Department of Health said Sunday.
New York State was once the American center for this epidemic, but New case rates, hospitalizations and deaths have declined in recent months.
The decline came after New York closed Masks in public are mandatory Early. Even the state Increased test capabilities on its own When there is a shortage of testing across the country.

New York State boasts a test passivity rate of less than 1% per month. With the test positivity rate hovering around 1.02% in recent days, that series has broken down.

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Experts warn that Kovid-19 cases are likely to increase in the US

“We can’t leave our guard,” Cuomo warned.

This is especially true as public schools in New York City reopen to students this week. But authorities may decide to close schools, restrict meetings and issue fines for not wearing masks.

Reported more than New York City 237,000 Out of a total of 455,626 Kovid-19 cases in the state. With a seven-day average of 224 new cases, NYC is still not nearing the peak of April, with more than 5,000 new cases being registered every day.
Nationwide, more than 7.1 million people are infected with coronavirus, and More than 204,000 people died, According to Johns Hopkins data.
And health experts warn The US could see an explosion People take these precautions and care about new infections in the winter and spend more time indoors.

Authorities suppress large gatherings

Weddings and other social events spread across the country, associated with deaths A wedding in Maine Yet Sturgis Motorcycle Rally In South Dakota.
Coronavirus cases link to Maine wedding reception: 147 infected, 3 dead

Authorities are now intensifying efforts to end meetings where the virus could easily spread.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said about 300 of the sheriff’s aides were married Friday evening in Queens.

Both the owner and manager of the platform face multiple abuse charges.

In Maryland, a man was sentenced to one year in prison after organizing two major parties in late March against the state’s social distance regulations – which banned more than 10 meetings, according to Governor Larry Hogan’s office.

The state attorney’s office said one man began arguing after being told to dissolve his first party of about 50 people. Five days later, he organized a second party of more than 50 people, which he refused to end, saying they had the right to convene.

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CNN’s Laura Lai, Sheena Jones, Anna Sturla, Dakin Andon and Chuck Johnston contributed to the report.