May 23, 2022

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Mల్లెller defended the investigation after a team member criticized the Russian investigation

Mల్లెller defended the investigation after a team member criticized the Russian investigation
In a book published Tuesday, Andrew Weissmann, one of M ముller’s former top prosecutors, described the failure of the White House as a tactic to negotiate more information about Trump’s relations with or from Russia – although Trump never intended to give a complete answer to the probe. Wiseman Mల్లెller criticized Deputy Aaron Jebley.

“It is not surprising that members of the Special Counsel’s office do not always agree, but it is frustrating to hear criticism of our team based on incomplete information,” M ముller said in a statement.

“My deputy, Aaron Jeble, was secretive about the full scope of the investigation and what was at stake. I chose him for that role because I know from our ten years of working together that he is accurate and principled. He has been an invaluable and trusted adviser to me from beginning to end,” Mller said. , Said he would stand by “our investigative conclusions” along with the decisions he made during the investigation.

M ముller and Jeble work together at a private law firm in Washington. Wiseman is now an MSNBC presenter, law professor and partner at a different organization.

In his book, “Where’s the End: Inside the Mర్ller Investigation,” Wiseman chanted slogans at Mల్లెller for not fully answering the question of why Trump behaved in favor of Russia during the campaign, as Russian investigators did not fully request the president’s financial records.

He specifically criticized Jebley for not obstructing or acknowledging the actions Wiseman wanted to take on the prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and other parts of the investigation.

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Weissmann also disagreed with M ముller’s decision not to reach a decision on whether to prosecute Trump for obstructing justice.

In his book, Wiseman alleges that the Special Advocate’s Office has been operating for months, fearing that they will be fired if the President takes unpopular investigative measures.

“We do not yet know whether there are any other economic ties between the President and the Russian government or the Russian oligarchs. We do not know whether he bribed foreign officials to obtain favorable treatment for his business interests. It is a foreign violation of the Corruption Practices Act, which lends against the President,” he wrote. “We do not know if he had other Russian business deals when he was running for the presidency, how they helped or thwarted his campaign, or whether they continued to influence his presidency … incompetence to pursue all financial means, or to look into all crimes, and look at me,” Still does. ”

Instead of withdrawing Trump for evidence, Mల్లెller accepted written answers that raised more questions for his team. After documenting several episodes in which Trump tried to end the investigation in advance, Mర్ller refused to decide whether the charges against him were Mopala without justice, due to the Justice Department’s policy of preventing indictments against the sitting president.

However, he explained that Trump’s actions have reached a legal threshold several times. Attorney General William Barr and other Justice Department leaders have refused to prosecute the president.

Paul LeBlanc of CNN contributed to this report.