March 21, 2023

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Donald Glover discusses the birth of his son and George Floyd

Donald Glover discusses the birth of his son and George Floyd

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In a brilliant New GQ Conversation Between I may destroy youMichael Coel and Donald, the couple talked about racism, storytelling and children – there Donald mentioned that he had a child “during the coronavirus”.

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For the occasion, Donald – also known as Childish Gambino – keeps his family life very private. We already know that he has two young sons named Legend with his partner Michelle.

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Speaking on the occasion of the birth of his third son, he said, “It’s nuts. I’m in a hospital bed. My son was born an hour early and I’m watching a George Floyd video. It’s a very strange moment. It’s like length – so you sit there and I have this wonderful, joyful, expanding moment. “

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“Plus Dad died recently, so [my son] My father was named, “he continued.” I don’t really know, this word describes it. It is expanding now: empathy and compassion and terror and its joy. “

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Donald’s father was named Donald Glover Sr.

He also talked about answering Legend questions Assassination of George Floyd. “” Why are people angry? Why are people marching? “” He asks his son. “” Well, you ‘re like … “” he explained, “it’s too heavy.”

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Michaela talking about the show I may destroy you“He simplifies what happens to us. It’s so beautiful to watch, because you can not really describe it. You can experience it.”

The couple also discussed the possibility of sperm / egg freezing and adoption. “I was really where I was, ‘maybe I should get a vasectomy and freeze those assets,” he said before continuing, “we’re really talking [adopting kids], Because we have three boys, so I said, ‘Oh, it’s good to bring a girl there.’

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All the best to Donald and his family! You can read the full conversation Here.

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