May 17, 2022

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Google’s Aluminum Pixel 5 has a hole in the back for wireless charging

Google's Aluminum Pixel 5 has a hole in the back for wireless charging

If you spend some time Studies pixel 5 specifications After Google announced the phone yesterday, you may be wondering how the search giant was able to incorporate wireless charging into the aluminum phone.

Well, Google has confirmed the details to some press members Android Authority David Email, Shared the engineering behind it on Twitter. In short, the aluminum frame of the Pixel 5 has a physical cutout for the Qi charging coil. Google coats the back of the phone with ‘bio-resin skin’ (read: plastic) to protect the charcoal, while giving the back of the phone a flush, uniform look.

Google claims that wireless charging works normally and can hit speeds of up to 10W Pixel 4.

While this simple alternative is pretty cool, I wondered why Google would be bothered if it was going to cover the aluminum-body phone with a plastic-like coating anyway. Google also has a history of doing similar things. The Pixel 3, For example, a glass back is partially covered with a matte, plastic-like finish. The Orange and white pixel 4 Cover the glass again with a similar matte finish.

However, The email explained that Google had a reason: Thinner. The Pixel 5 has a 4,080 mAh battery – which is by far the largest in the Pixel device, though not larger than that offered by other manufacturers. Google said in an email that the use of an aluminum frame with super-thin bio-resin allowed the phone to be kept 8mm thick while maintaining a premium feel.

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Very good as glass phones, but did not enjoy the trend of flagships towards the ‘glass sandwich’ that we see in most phones now. Glass screen, metal band around the edge, glass back. If you drop the phone like this, it will probably break and the glass will not fit in your hand. True, these two problems can be solved with one case, but for me, cases add up too much.

We do not know how well the bio resin will hold up over time, but Google’s ‘Aluminum with Skin’ approach seems to be successful, especially since it handles wireless charging. Hopefully, we will see other manufacturers take similar approaches and move away from glass-backed smartphones.

Source: David Email (ur Durvid Email), Android Authority By: 9to5Google