September 25, 2023

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Stimulus talks up to date: Pelosi call casts doubt on a deal

Stimulus talks up to date: Pelosi call casts doubt on a deal

The California Democrat specifically cited differences in tax regulations to his current views, but made it clear to the public that the broader debate was nowhere near a positive resolution.

Pelosi’s framing tracks with her criticism of Republicans during months of stimulus talks – the Trump administration is not ready to do just what is necessary on the economic side to address the depth of the economic problems created by the epidemic.

Republicans are expected to face a $ 6.16 trillion proposal previously tabled on Wednesday, hundreds of billions of dollars away from the approximately $ 2.2 trillion plan, which House Democrats could vote on later Thursday.

At the moment, White House and House Democratic leaders are battling internal party divisions over how to move forward in stimulus talks.

For months, moderate Democrats in the House have been pushing their leadership back to the table and agreeing with the White House on stimulus rather than moving forward with another Democratic-only package. Familiar multiple sources say that with CNN now, a dozen House Democrats could vote against the amended Democratic Heroes Act if it lands on the ground later Thursday.

Fourteen Democratic members In the spring the original Heroes voted against the law, He argued that this was not a plan to be signed by the President. House leaders are confident they will still have votes, but tensions over why Democratic leaders want to give the negotiations between Pelosi and Munuchin another day to materialize.

Those talks are still a long way off leading to an agreement.

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On the Senate side, GOP legislators are growing uncomfortable with reports that Munuchin tr extends more than $ 1.5 trillion in an offer to Penusi. Multiple GOP senators have told CNN that this number could be a major issue, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally having to choose if he is ready to put on the floor a bill that will lose a large number of its members.

“Anything beyond $ 1 trillion is difficult,” said Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and a Republican of Iowa. “Republicans have a real rebound of more than $ 1 trillion and even $ 1 trillion is very difficult.”