April 2, 2023

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Bowser was arrested and charged with selling Nintendo Switch hacks

Bowser was arrested and charged with selling Nintendo Switch hacks

There are two members of a console hacking and piracy organization called Team Executioner Arrested and charged with fraud, One of whom was named Gary Bowser. French nationals Max Lauren and Bowser, originally from Canada, were arrested in the Dominican Republic and are accused of leading the group, which manufactures a number of tools to crack lock-down gaming hardware.

Team Execulator is a sophisticated operation familiar to Nintendo hacks that includes a USB device called the SX Pro, which allows Nintendo Switch to run pirated games. The intent for the group’s benefit has been controversial in the modding and emulation communities, Reports Ars TechnicaBecause, those communities focus on open source efforts and are ashamed not to sell products that attract the attention of console manufacturers and federal executives. Team Xecuter also makes hacking tools for Nintendo 3DS and NES Classic on other devices.

Nintendo, which has filed two lawsuits against the company, is well aware of the group Back in May, With the primary purpose of closing down third party retailers that resell Team Executer’s products online. Nintendo also has its own controversial history Aggressive lawsuit over unauthorized use of its intellectual property. In recent years, Nintendo has hosted so-called ROM sites, cracked game files and other sites and web stores that drive pirated content and related hardware devices.

The Department of Justice went further. “These defendants are the leaders of an international criminal group that made illicit profits by pirating US companies’ video game technology,” said Brian C. Cunningham, acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s criminal division. Rabbit said in a statement. “These arrests show that the department has hackers responsible for exposing and exploiting the intellectual property of American companies for financial gain.”

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The Department of Justice tries to emphasize the difference between Xecuter’s activities and non-profit emulation or console hacking. Xecuter “allegedly tried to protect its entire business by using a variety of brands, websites and distribution channels” and the group “shut down its illegal activities with the intention of supporting wanted gaming ts enthusiasts” to create their own videogames for non-commercial use. The primary purpose of the group’s activities is to develop and sell lucrative tools for running pirated games, as well as “creating and supporting online libraries of pirated video games”.

Both face up to 20 years in prison if convicted, up to 20 years on each charge of wire fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to money laundering, and up to five years on some lesser charges. No trial date has been set.