May 27, 2022

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Shock, sympathy, ridicule: The world is reacting to Trump’s infection

Shock, sympathy, ridicule: The world is reacting to Trump's infection

Infection news The world’s most infamous man, the most powerful man in the world, has attracted immediate reactions of shock, sympathy, sensual pleasure, and the perpetual anger and curiosity that follows most of what Donald Trump does, even thousands of kilometers away.

She and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the deep uncertainty that accompanies it has expanded the world news cycle, raising countless plans and commenting everywhere from the presidency to thousands. On social media.

A positive test reading for the world’s largest economy leader will add even more uncertainty to investor concerns, including how the November 3 election between Trump, Republican and Democrat Joe Biden will affect the transition. U.S. stock futures and Asian shares fell in the wake of this news. Futures contracts for the S&P 500 and the Dow Industries lost 1.9 percent. Oil prices also fell. Stock prices fell in Japan and Australia.

“It’s normal to say this is a very big deal,” financial services firm Rabobank said in a comment. “However, everything now backfires on the latest incredible turn in this U.S. election campaign.”

World leaders, officials weigh

World leaders and officials are in a hurry to weigh in, and there is something sympathetic and approaching to Scadenfrode.

“I wish my friend OT Potus on Donald Trump and @ Flotus a speedy recovery and good health,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted.

Under Trump, US-India relations have developed and India appears to be a partner in balancing China’s growing weight in Asia.

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Italian moderate opposition leader Matteo Salvini tweeted: “In Italy and in the world, who celebrates the illness of a man or a woman, and who wants the death of a neighbor, confirms what he is: a hug to the soulless idiot Melania and Donalds.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was hospitalized for a week in April after being infected with the coronavirus, wished Trump a “speedy recovery”.

“Our wishes go to the President and the First Lady, but it shows that no one is immune from COVID-19 and that it’s catching on. So despite the precautions, it shows that we are all vulnerable,” said Australian Conservative Nationals Party Deputy Leader Little Proud. Said at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “It’s a trial time, and it shows that the world pandemic could actually hit anyone, even the President of the United States.”

The President announced on Twitter on Friday that both Donald and Melania Trump, who showed up at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport earlier this week, had tested positive for the coronavirus. The reaction was rapid. (Carlos Barria / Reuters)

Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koik, speaking at a weekly news conference, said Trump did not like to wear masks when asked about his infection, but the news “reminded me of how widely masked people are in Japan,” she said.

Extensive media coverage

Major media outlets around the world also played the ad as bulletins crawled on TV screens in Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Dubai and Beijing.

China’s official Xinhua news agency reported the news and an anchor on state broadcaster CCTV; There was no immediate comment from the government on Friday, the second day of the eight-day national holiday.

Just hours after Trump and his wife announced a positive test result, the widely used social media app Weibo was the most searched topic in China, with many comments mocking or criticizing.

One user jokingly joked that Trump finally tweeted something positive.

The Chinese government has cracked down on Trump’s efforts to blame China, which has the disease, and called for global cooperation to fight it, a message that resonated with the public.

Hu Jijin, open editor of the state-owned Global Times newspaper, tweeted in English, “President Trump and First Lady paid the price to reduce COVID-19 for her gambling.”

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Footage of Trump and his wife was continuously aired by multiple Arab news media outlets on Friday following the announcement of the virus.

Dubai-based Saudi-owned Al-Arabia has been cut to the White House’s long live shot. The Qatari state-owned Al Jazeera channel brought four commentators to discuss the “current state of uncertainty” in the United States, questioning whether Trump could effectively run the re-election campaign and lead the country out of detention.

Iranian state television announced that Trump had a virus, an anchor appeared as a large coronavirus around the American president who broke the news. U.S.-Iran relations have been strained since Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Tehran nuclear deal with world powers and re-imposed repressive sanctions.

Uncertainty, irony

Social media platforms ignited with a quick response.

Is Trump blaming the Chinese? Will he snub his critics and enemies by tweeting from the air, the White House, through quarantine without serious symptoms? Whether he is seriously ill or worse, and if he does, what does this mean for the most controversial U.S. election in recent history?

While the uncertainty is evident on the scroll through the social media of different countries, most of the comments in this comment were enjoyed.

“Here’s a chance for him to try his idea of ​​injecting pesticide into himself and fighting back (against the allegations). It’s fake!” Nishimura tweeted to Hiroyuki, the founder of the Japanese Internet, referring to the idea that Trump came up with earlier this year for treatment.

Kaiyo University economics professor Masaru Kaneko tweeted that popular leaders such as Johnson and Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro “became infected because they did not want to take the coronavirus seriously. Two other leaders became seriously infected after they infected themselves (with the virus).”

And the satirical Australian news site Betua Advocate posted an article with the headline: “The Trump family records more community transmission cases than the entire state of Queensland.”