July 5, 2022

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Vancouver businessman jailed for sexual harassment after failing to protect ‘sexomnia’


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She also said that she blamed herself for a long time until she realized that “one thing I did was trust you”, she said, referring directly to Antonius.

Instead, she said she was raped and said, “You betrayed that belief. You (the belief in the people) changed beyond repair.”

For more than four years since her arrest in July 2016, Antonius has not been responsible for the attack and she has longed to draw up a legal process, forcing her to testify at the trial and to hear the protection of Sexsomnia, calling it “unjust and cruel.” ”

She said she felt more victimized and hurt again through lengthy legal action, including hearing “how this trial has already affected your life”.

Antonius addressed the court in her absence, saying “I understand how angry she was” and “the serious impact” was “due to the horrific sexual harassment she faced”.

“She trusted me that evening and I broke her trust,” he said. “I’m so sorry I did.”

He said there were “no excuses or explanations, sorry.” He said, “I feel frustrated, self-loathing and disgusted with the work I have done. I will live the rest of my life knowing what I (her name) did.”

He wanted to apologize to her, but did not think she would accept it.

The woman left the courtroom after reading his statement and could not be reached for comment.

Cullen will give his sentence on October 9.