May 19, 2022

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis question David Attenborough about wildlife in new video

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis question David Attenborough about wildlife in new video

Toronto – Children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear Rare video footage On Saturday, naturalist and renowned broadcaster David Attenborough asked questions about wildlife.

Prince George, third on the throne, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were asked 94-year-old questions about the natural world in footage recorded at Kensington Palace last month.

Voices of young royals are very rare to speak in public.

George, wearing a red polo shirt, began the video by questioning Attenborough about the extinction of the animals.

“Hello David Attenborough! What animal do you think will become extinct next?” Seven years old asks.

Attenborough responds that there are “many things” that humans can do to protect animals.

“About 40 years ago, I was with some mountain gorillas in the middle of Africa. Mountain gorillas were very, very rare then, only 250 of them remained, and we showed their pictures on television and people thought how horrible it would be if they became extinct. So they subscribed to a lot of money. And a lot of people came in for help, and now there are over a thousand of them. “

Meanwhile, five-year-old Charlotte, dressed in her school uniform, revealed in the video that she likes spiders and asked the naturalist if he liked it too.

“I love spiders, and I’m so glad you like them,” Attenborough responded. “I think those are wonderful things.”

He said that many spiders could be frightened because of the eight legs, which would allow the creatures to move in any direction “so you can never be sure which way the spider is going”.

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For the first time, when Louis, 2, is heard speaking publicly, he asks Attenborough what kind of animal he likes best.

“I like monkeys very much because they are so much fun, they can jump everywhere, and they do not bite, at least some people do, but if you are a little careful they will not bite. And they ‘are so ridiculous, and I like them so much. You see, you Monkeys should not sit around the house because it is not a place where they live, they live in the forest, ”Attenborough said.

If he has to choose between getting a puppy and a cat as a pet, he chooses a puppy.

The three children were joined by celebrities including David Beckham, Billy Elish and Judy Dench, who also questioned Attenborough for launching his upcoming Netflix documentary “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet”. The film illustrates Attenborough’s 70 – year career as a conservationist and the environmental crisis the planet is currently facing.

Last week, Prince William, Kate and their children were filmed at the Kensington Palace Gardens in Attenborough to watch a public screening of the film.

To celebrate this occasion, Attenborough George a Fossil giant shark tooth He discovered it in Malta 50 years ago.

The gift briefly led to controversy when Malta initially asked for the artwork to be returned, but later said the prince could keep it.