November 27, 2022

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Triple HNXT Takeover 31 Q&A Recap: Velvetin Dream’s Immaturity, Rhea Ripley Wants Title Shot, Kyle O’Reilly Adam Cole on Title Win

Before today, Participated in the Triple H Pre Show Q&A session With McKenzie Mitchell before NXT takeover 31. Here’s what Triple H said in today’s show, which takes place at the newly renovated Capital Wrestling Center, which will be NXT’s new home:

* Triple H talks about the show, which takes place at the Capitol Wrestling Center and feels like a “new day” and “the beginning of something special” for NXT. He talked about tonight’s show not only for the NXT launch, but also for the WWE launch with Capital Wrestling Corporation‌, founded in 1953 by Jess McMahon.

* Discusses NXT collaboration with Triple H Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor. Taylor’s song, “Culture Head”, is the theme song for tonight’s NXT Takeover 31 event.

* McKenzie Mitchell and Triple H also started breaking match-ups tonight. After they started discussing Ayo Shiroi vs. Candice Lere, NXT superstar Rhea Ripley interrupted a Q&A session for a show. Rhea Ripley says she is still indebted to Ayo Shiroi for In Your House and wants to reclaim her NXT women’s title. Ripley declares that Shiroi knows she will be waiting for him if Candice hits Leru tonight. Triple H found out that if Candice wins tonight she will also be waiting for Candice Lere.

Triple H Ripley has praised her dominance ever since she stepped into the NXT. Even at her peril, Triple H said, “Rhea Ripley proved every bit as good as she says.” Triple H said it would put money on Ripley to beat the winner of the women’s title match tonight and keep Ripley at the top for years to come. Basically, Ripley reinforces that NXT is looking to match the winner for the NXT Women’s title after the takeover 31.

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* Analyzed Triple H Kushida vs. Velvet Dream. He said the following about the Velvet Dream, noting that the Dream is coming to a tough year and that his immaturity in his personal life will affect his career:

“I think Dream saw it a little bit, ‘Kushida is rubbing a little bit here. I’m going to take it away from him, I’m going to draft his success, I’ll take myself to another level.’ Getting out of some tough year for the Velvet Dream, reorganizing himself. You know, Dream is one of those young men, he has not yet found who he wants to be. And I think sometimes his weight will be there. His immaturity in his life will appear in his career and sometimes it will be difficult for him. ”

Triple H praised Kushida for being positive, but Kushida’s attempt to be dignified and humble prevented his NXT run from coming out the way he wanted. As a result, it affects the match with the Velvet Dream tonight, where he encounters a different, unfolding Kushida.

* Adam Cole arrives to talk about tonight’s NXT Championship match between Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly. Cole has known for 12 years what it takes for O’Reilly to win the title and be the best in the world. Cole predicts O’Reilly will win the NXT title tonight.

* Triple H asks Adam Cole Point blank, what Adam Cole will do on NXT on Wednesday on the USA network, if Kyle O’Reilly remains champion from NXT takeover 31. Cole said the following:

“Adam Cole is a proud man. Adam Cole has been famous for 12 years for his friend, he’s very proud of his friend at his wedding. Kyle O’Reilly is my brother, and he’s always been my brother. So, tonight’s about Kyle. , Wednesday, it’s also about Kyle. ”

After Adam Cole left, Triple H found that if O’Reilly won, Cole would go for O’Reilly as well.

* Mitchell asks Triple H what it takes for Kyle O’Reilly to win the title and nominate the NXT brand as champion. Triple H he believes. Triple H, O’Reilly said he had the speed to hang out with Finn Balor, and if he beat Finn Balor tonight, O’Reilly would have beaten one of the best in the world. This puts O’Reilly on a different playing field and brings to everyone’s attention that O’Reilly is a “dangerous man”.

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